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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sofa’s Got to Go

I don’t know if it is the weather ( I suspect it is) but it seems the past couple of days have been spent doing just about nothing. Even the dogs seem a bit on the “leave me alone, I just want to sleep” side. It isn’t necessarily the temperature but the humidity that zaps your energy.

We did venture to Columbus yesterday to pick up my new glasses. I have been so excited anticipating their arrival. It has been a little over three years since I changed them and needed that fix. To give you the short version….the lens were not correct. They didn’t use the lens I had been used to and it appears the difference is HUGE. My vision was terrible….all fuzzy and blurry. Not good. So we didn’t accept them and will start over again next week.

We have several good RV friends that have taken their rigs and made them a little less RV looking. The first that comes to mind is Doug and JoAnn Dubrouillet who painted the inside of their fifth wheel. They used the southwestern colors and décor…very nice! JoAnn then linked me to The Bayfield Bunch who have not only painted their motorhome but removed all the RV furniture and added items from places like IKEA NOT an RV manufacturer. Again, very nice! Then there is Fred and Jo Wishnie who removed all of their RV furniture and replaced it with very nice high end furniture, Howard and Linda Payne who removed their RV sofa and now have two very comfortable recliners. Randy and Pam Warner removed one of their nice leather sofas and replaced it with an even more comfortable recliner and a handmade computer desk. And I am very sure there are tons of others. Now if those guys have the courage to personalize the rubber stamp look of an RV so do I. We had already added two Lazy Boy recliners but with the sofa it was a little crowded. The RV sofa is not too comfortable and through the years was getting a little on the worn side. So last night Mike and I took it apart and removed it from the living area. We now have the two very comfortable Lazy Boy recliners, the two leather pilot and co-pilot chairs turned to make a nice “conversation” area. We plan to purchase a piece of furniture from Pier 1 to place under the window. We have the desk/credenza and table with two upholstered chairs. There is so much more room and it looks very nice. Our dogs have not made the transition yet; they are still looking for the sofa to jump up on.

That about wraps up another beautiful weekend. Next weekend will be busy in the campground with Memorial Day weekend. Mike will also be busy helping out a few hours here and there during the 51st Masters Water Ski Tournament held annually at Callaway Gardens. He’s not sure what he will be doing but he sure is excited about being back at Callaway even for a short time. One thing for sure….it won’t be food service.


  1. Your new furniture sounds nice. Are you able to post pictures?

  2. Bring on the pictures of youe new living room, we'd love to see it, It looks like reclining chairs, or Laz-e-boys will be in our future. Sam doesn't last 10 minutes in a good recliner. it's like the recline lever is hooked up to his eyes, Hope you guys are having fun. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. We're currently camping right on the beach and even with the sea breezes are also finding the heat and humidity to be intolerable during the heat of the day. So we're hanging out inside napping and watching movies! We're wishing we could head north.

  4. Like your ideas on doing away with that RV furnitur look. Sandy and I have been toying with the idea but haven't come up with the courage yet.

  5. love the idea of re-decorating!!..bring on the photos!!!

  6. We originally had two couches in our motorhome, which were great for extra sleeping spaces for the grown kids (both flipped down into jacknife beds) But we decided for the one or two times they join us camping each summer, they can go outside in tents! So we removed one of the couches and added a euro chair and ottoman. Wow what room we have now!

    Charlie from got a really cool Lane recliner set with 2 wallhugging recliners and center console for drinks or armrest for their motorhome, it's set up as all one piece and comes apart for in and out the door. He has a photo of it on his most recent blog post.

    We might change to something like that for our other couch too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Congrats on the redecorating. I am sure in time, pictures will follow. You had a beautiful motor home from what I can remember in Frisco when we met you, and imagine that it is even nicer now!


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