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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Simple Weekend

This weekend we decided to just keep it simple. Saturday we found peanuts for the bird feeder, and also swapped out a bird feeder that the birds didn’t like for a tray feeder. The birds like the tray feeder because they can stand up on the tray and eat without having to perch anywhere. Kinda like us, we don’t want to have to work hard for our food. The tray was a good choice and many are going there instead of the traditional feeders. We have woodpeckers in the area and that’s why we wanted the peanuts. Today we added a White-breasted Nuthatch to our birds here; and he ate from the peanut collection. Now to get those woodpeckers to dine with us.

This morning, Gerri’s laptop died on us and would not power back up. We tried several different things and finally we restored its power. We went back to Staples where we purchased it a year ago and talked with the assistant manager. Found out he was a computer tech in his earlier days and he told us what the problem probably was. Seems like there was a build-up of static combined with interrupted updates at the same time which gave the computer more than it could handle, so it just cut itself off. Anyway, he checked the laptop out for us, made some other adjustments and gave it back to us and its working great. Whew….. we don’t have to purchase a new laptop at this time….Great!!

As an update I forgot to mention, we got the airbag problem resolved. Kenny, from Coachcraft by MacDonald, a company in Columbus that works on a lot of Bluebird motorhomes, suggested that I do a manual AIR dump. If there is a clog in the valve that this would probably clear it out. Kind of like a colonoscopy for the air bags. I did and it did, so we were able to get more level and the airbags to equally dump the air.


  1. Very glad to read that you got the computer up and running again. What would we do without our laptops? Have a good week ahead.

  2. Simple weekends are the best! We'll be back to those by next weekend when we will arrive home from our Grand Circle tour. Our six weeks of travel will only be a memory!

  3. Love your new header... Great picture!!! I also love bird watching and hang feeders where ever we go. Have a super day and Travel safe

  4. "A Colonoscopy for Airbags" - my don't you have a way with words!

    Glad to see you two are doing well.


  5. I second that on the colonoscopy remark! LOL You made me spit my coffee on the keyboard!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. thanks for sharing your simple weekend with the header picture by the way..FANTASTIC!! if only we could meet in person!!!


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