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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall is in the Air



There is no doubt that fall is my all time favorite season of the year.  It is the time when you have enjoyed all the sunshine, warm temps and humid weather you can possibly stand.  Just when you think you can’t stand another day….low and behold you feel the tinge of cool crispness in the air.


In the south you feel it first with the lack of high humidity!  You can actually “see” the crispness in the air.  No more hazy lazy days of summer.  Suddenly the sky is a clear blue and you begin to see signs of fall.




There are colors that we naturally associate with fall.  The oranges, yellows, browns, greens come to mind first.  What does nature say to us?  Well that is what Gerri and I set out to explore….camera in hand of course!!   This is what we saw!!







“Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” George Eliot



  1. I didn't think the south got such vibrant color for fall. You learn something new everyday. Gorgeous photos!

  2. Ah yes, fall - the favorite season of so many people, including me. Love the smell of a campfire, the colors of the changing leaves, the sight of pumpkins, apples, harvested corn fields and the occasional scarecrow. Ah fall!

    Lovely pictures, as usual.

  3. Autumn is our favorite time of the year too. Your photos are stunning and I believe they do justice to the season.


  4. beautiful... what mother nature has for us to see...

  5. I love the fall colors that your excellent photos depict. Yay for crispness in the air!

  6. Yes, fall is spectacular. Great photos.

  7. I love the colors of Fall. And then the earth comes alive in the Spring and is so beautiful. I'm hard pressed to say one is more beautiful than the other.

  8. Great fall pictures. They always make us want to head south:)

  9. The only fall color we get here is yellowing of the maples. Oh well, we don't get much cold either, and that's not bad.

  10. Was glad to see your blog...and great pictures! Wondered if you had gotten my emails.
    Susan & Sam

  11. Beautiful photos and some spectacular colors!

  12. I can't believe the beautiful photos! Living in Florida and Arizona, we just don't see colors like those. Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I hadn't missed Georgia until I saw your fall pictures! Beautiful pictures.

  14. Anyone who doesn't love Fall is a Scrooge...Love the mix of purple flowers with the orange and red ones in your photos...Wish we were in Smoky Mts right now to see the color. I have to say that Alaska had some fabulous reds in the tundra of the North Slope about Labor Day, which we didn't expect!

  15. Loved browsing your photos. Fall is also my favorite time of year and I so enjoy all the wonderful palette of color that paints the landscape.


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