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Our Friends

Sunday, October 16, 2011



A year ago today our RV and blogging world lost two very special friends; Bruce & Margie, in a senseless accident.

                      Bruce & Margie

Many of you got to meet them and many of us were looking forward to meeting them.  We very much miss you!  Margie was so good about making comments on blogs and so interested in the events that we each encountered.  It still seems incomprehensible that they are gone, but we have definitely not forgotten them.

To their family, our thoughts are with you and may you have peace knowing their love.


  1. Margie set a fine example for all of us.

  2. Yes she did Judy. Her heart for her friends was huge.Thanks for posting Gerri!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. We were among the ones hoping to meet them. So sorry we never got the opportunity.

  4. nice tribute Gerri..I just received an email from John Souva and he said it seems that the blogging world is like 'family'..even if we never met true that is..we are most grateful that we were one of the fortunate ones who were able to meet Bruce and is indeed short and unfair sometimes..

  5. I have thought about them so many times this year, but particurlarly as we walked along a road in Moss Landing this weekend on our fist Rv trip. We were so excited, walking hand in hand, I felt Margie at my side telling me to be careful.

    I Will never forget them!

  6. Margie and Bruce lived life to the fullest. I miss them!

  7. We "almost" met - missed each other by a day on their last trip east.

    I think of them often.

  8. Nice tribute. What a senseless and tragic loss.

  9. Thank you for writing such a nice tribute. I think of them often and miss Margie's frequent comments and advice.


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