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Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Food and New Friends


This morning Gerri & I decided to drive to the Country Store at Callaway Gardens for lunch. They make a mean Brunswick Stew with cornbread and biscuits with homemade Muscadine Preserves. We were able to sit in the area overlooking the nature of Callaway.



At a distance, we could see where they were getting things set up for the 27th running of The Steeplechase.


As we left the Country Store, we walked across the street to the overlook area and enjoyed spending a few moments viewing the sites there.


Right across from the Country Store is the entrance to FDR State Park. While you are making that drive in the park, The Pine Mountain Hiking Trail crosses this road in several locations.





It is a very popular trail and Gerri & I have hiked several portions of it. Being that it is the fall season and the trees are beautiful, we wanted to drive through parts of the state park to meet Susan and Sam who are presently hosting at FDR campground. They contacted us when they arrived at FDR and we have wanted to meet them since. We have been reading each other’s blog for some time now and were anxious to meet them. We recognized each other right away and after the “formal introductions”, we sat out and visited for about 2 hours as if we had been friends for a long time. We had wanted to meet them for several weeks and glad were able to make that connection. They volunteer a good bit at state parks and do a great job for them. You can read about them on their blog Beach Bummz. We really enjoyed meeting Sam & Susan and had so much fun just sitting out in the campground enjoying the fellowship and the beauty of the day. When it was time for us to head home, we decided to get together later this month and visit some more over a meal…sounds like a lot of fun!

We took some pictures of the trees in the campground and wanted to share them with you.






It was a refreshing drive and visit with Susan and Sam. Life is good and God is great!


  1. What beautiful fall colors! The trees here in Washington are turning too. Love this time of year! Fun that you got to meet Sam & Susan too! We always have fun meeting up with our blogger friends :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Beautiful pictures! We love this time of year and reading the posts with pictures from different parts of the country make it even better. Thanks..

  3. Great fall colors! Looks like a nice place to have a quiet meal:)

  4. It's always fun meeting up with fellow RVers. You photos of the trees are so colorful - gorgeous! Sounds like a pretty nice day. :)

  5. gorgeous fall colours today!!!..thanks for sharing all the pictures!!!

  6. That looks like a beautiful drive...the tress are so colorful.

    We met some fellow bloggers today also. Lots of fun!!

  7. Your pictures of the beautiful trees turned out just great! I so admire God's handiwork in each season. It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers!

  8. Spectacular photos - amazing colors!

    That stew sure sounded good too.

  9. Your pictures are beautiful - that looks like a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day! :)

  10. Absolutely..good friends, food and fun..The pictures are lovely..thanks for sharing.

  11. What beautiful fall colors. I'd sure like to see the steeplechase!

  12. We really enjoy FDR. Hope to be back there in the spring. We have friends that volunteer there from December to April. Plan to stop by there on our way back north. Might even try the zipline while we are there.

  13. Oh sweetie, your photos are just fabulous. I have to say you've left this Ozark Farm Chick just a bit jealous.

    Due to dry weather our well noted colors this year have gone from green, to brown, to down. {{{SIGH}}}

    From the windy hills and hollers of the frosty Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful day!!!! :o)

  14. What beautiful pictures of the autumn landscape. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  15. Looks like God's been painting a lot in that area! How unexplainable is the beauty He created in the Fall colors. Hmmm, I would love to go for a walk there!
    I'm still hoping for the day we meet y'all!
    Enjoy you two! K

  16. Awesome Fall Foilage Photos!!
    (Say that 10 times real fast! :)
    Look out Vermont!

    Some times life throws us a curve ball, it was our turn!
    Thank goodness the Good Lord will get us through!

    Kathy & Grant

  17. Time just flies by and I am so far behind reading the blogs I follow. We really enjoyed meeting with ya'll and had a great visit. We will have to get together soon for lunch or dinner....that Aspen Mtn Grill is really good! Email or message me and we'll set a date!


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