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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Did I Say....

We arrived at Rainbow Plantation, an Escapees Park in lower Alabama on the first of February and have been non stop since we got here.  It is kind of hard not to be on the go with friends and it seems we are  always eating in the area or at the Clubhouse with a bunch of Escapees.  Did I say we eat a lot when we are here?
Our first meal was at Big Daddy's Grill on the Fish River and the food was so good and just being back to some of our special places is awesome. Through the times we have been in this area, we have met some wonderful folks and shared many meals together...and yes, a bit of a weight gain too.

Sunday afternoon we had a gathering for ice cream at the clubhouse and after that we stayed around to watch the Super Bowl together on a big screen with....finger foods during the game.  Did I say we eat a lot when we are here?

I had promised Gerri a celebration meal at Jesse's in Magnolia Springs to celebrate her clear CT Scan she had in January.  The food and the ambience and especially our celebration for Gerri's good report was all fantastic. During our meal, our waitress heard Gerri and I talk about our celebration meal.  After we had eaten our meal, our waitress brought us a complimentary desert of Bread Pudding with a caramel pecan sauce and a dish of ice cream on the side.  That was really special of her to do that.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of that.   Did I say we eat a lot when we are here?


  After we ate, we drove around some of the scenic areas of Magnolia Springs and took a few pics.

This Mardi Gras decorated tree is on the outdoor patio of Jesse's 
This church is directly across from Jesse's

Later in the day we enjoyed a gathering at Mike and Peggy's motorhome for supper.  Mike had fixed up a delicious pot of Gumbo along with some other fixings that Peggy did.  The food was really good and was shared with good friends Norm and Linda Payne, Don and Gloria Martin and Mike and Peggy Evingham.  The weather was just perfect, sunny and near 70 so we ate outside and then just hung around outside and enjoyed the conversations.  Did I say we eat a lot when we are here?

This week and through next Tuesday there are a lot of activities with Mardi Gras at the plantation...parades, meals, skits, and other activities.  I will go into those activities more in a later blog.


  1. We always liked staying at that park. Lots to do in the area too. But may I suggest you find some time to go out to eat.

    1. We are going to attempt to set some time aside to go out and eat somewhere...
      You are so right, Rainbow Plantation is really nice and the fellowship is great. Seems it is centrally located to a wide variety of places to go and places to eat.
      Take care and thanks for your comment.

  2. My goodness but you two have been very busy. So many of our RV friends plan their day around eating. We can’t do that. We just tell them to plan what they want to do and we will let them know. We really just like to eat at home and save the calories. Lol
    Oh gumbo sounds delicious. Yummy. Keep enjoying the good life.

  3. What a great place to spend the cold winter months! And the food...! Jesse's looks like a wonderful place for your celebration, and how sweet of them to contribute to the party with bread pudding.

    1. Thank you Linda, I hope at this setting you are feeling much better and getting all your strength back. Jesse's was a wonderful place and ambience and the food was delicious. We had eaten here a few moths ago and fell in love with the restaurant an where it is located. I felt this would be a great treat and grand time to have Gerri's celebration meal here. God has been and continues to be so good, we are blessed!

  4. Beautiful scenes. The food looks amazing and sharing time with friends is always a good thing.

  5. Enjoy your time there , the weather and all the great meals.

  6. Yup, food does seem to be a big part of the process there:)

  7. We enjoyed being in the south for Marti Gras. No need to be in NOLA. It is everywhere. I would enjoy that food too. Have fun.

  8. What a great area....especially with the cold weather elsewhere. some good looking food being passed around and enjoyed. Take care of yourselves keep enjoying the lifestyle.....Horst sends


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