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Our Friends

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Good Times...

We have had a grand time this past month at Rainbow Plantation and all the areas around it.  After sitting for so long it has been a treat to lift those jacks and see some of God's beauty and spend time with good friends.       

Speaking of good friends, Mike and Peggy Evringham decided to head further south last Tuesday.  I think there might have been some strawberry shortcake calling Mike's name!!  But in keeping with the tradition of eating we all decided to share one more meal together for this trip.
Mike and Peggy, Don and Gloria Martin, Mike and myself along with Norm Payne gathered at Vallarta's Mexican Restaurant Monday evening.  Linda Payne was unable to be with us because she was battling the flu, bronchitis, and nearly pneumonia.  We really missed her but certainly understand her need to rest and get better.  Oh by the way, she is much better and joining us for dinner this evening!!  More on that later!!      

We were honored to have a special guest with us that evening....The Wiz!!  If you remember, Mike and Peggy were given the honor of traveling with The Wiz for the next year and bringing him back to the Plantation next Mardi Gras along with a booklet of pictures of all his adventures with....The Maniacs In Motion.  They have some great travel plans for this coming year.  Stop by their blog and see all the places The Wiz takes them!!    

We took advantage of a beautiful sunny day with the temperatures ranging around 78 to 80 degrees to head toward the beach.  Mike and I took our chairs and just sat and enjoyed the sunshine, sound of the beautiful waves and just reflected on God's handiwork!!!            

Mike even got involved in a rescue mission.  Those of us sitting in the area noticed a pelican in trouble.  He couldn't stand up or manage to pull himself out of the water.  Finally, a wave pushed him ashore and we discovered he was tangled in fishing line along with 3 hooks stuck in him and an awful gash in his right wing.            

 A lady nearby had a beach towel and several men, including Mike managed to cover him with the towel and get the hooks out along with the fishing line.  When they removed the towel he just laid there not moving.  Our hearts all sank thinking he might have not made it.  After a little while he began to move his wings some and then stand up.  He was still unable to fly although he flapped his wings and tried several times.  He walked a little and would sit down.  The nearby park service was called and they finally arrived. They looked at him but left him on the beach.  He was still lying around when we finally had to leave.  Just hoping that he made it!!!  I will was nice to see so many people concerned about this pelican and putting forth the effort to save his life.           

We stayed long enough on the beach to relax and just enjoy a nearly perfect day.  We came home with a little but of a sunburn.  Gee, a sunburn in February!!        

The men were amazed and asked, "What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!"    Matthew 8:27


  1. A day in the life at the 🌴 beach. I like it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the beach and helped out the Pelican.

  3. The Wiz cracks me up.
    That was one lucky pelican. Great job Mike and friends.
    A beautiful day on the beach for sure.

  4. Ahhh, the beach... the smell of the Sea and sound of waves...You Guys are leading the Good life...and doing it with good as it gets...thanks for sharing. Horst sends

  5. Food and friends! It doesn't get much better than that. Hope to see you guys at GE&H gathering.

  6. Hard to beat a day at the beach and saving one of God's creatures.

  7. The Pelican just might have made it thanks to some fine rescuers.

  8. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves. I remember Norm and Linda Payne's website was one of the first one's I followed. I remember on post in particular where he install the Blue Ox base plate on his Honda CRV. Think that was after he bought his new DutchStar which is now probably 10-11 years ago. Anyway -- nice pictures and good times with the friends in the RV community. -Great stuff!

  9. I am enjoying the warm scenes through your eyes.I do hope that pelican survived all that.I hate to see birds or animals suffer, especially when human carelessness is involved.

  10. It was good of everyone to pitch in to help the pelican. At least the bird has a better chance of survival now than it did before the help it received. Hopefully, after a little rest, it was able to fly again.

  11. Looks like a good time. The Wiz looks a bit large to drag around:) We carried a flat stanley for a year. Easy to store:))


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