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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finishing the Natchez Trace Parkway...for Now

Well....we decided to take our time leaving Davis Lake to head down to Jackson, Ms which was about a two and half hour drive.  So we packed our new addition(Asher) in his crate, put him on the back seat of the truck, put JoJo beside the crate on the other side of the seat and put Nick in his usual seat next to Gerri, and off we went on the Natchez Trace Parkway toward Jackson, Ms.
An Indian Mound we stopped at along the Trace Parkway
Since we had driven this section before, we didn't stop too much along the way.  We did find a good pull off and stopped there for lunch and a walk-about for us and the dogs.  We decided to stop in Jackson for an overnight at Lefleur Bluff State Park.  Although there were a few scenic areas in this park, it was kind of old and a bit dirty, so I would not recommend this for an extended stay. In fact, we didn't even unhook the Oliver.    

Our site at Lafleur State Park
We headed down the last part of the Natchez Trace to Natchez Mississippi.  This section we have not driven, so we were glad to be able to finish up the complete Parkway with this trip.  Just outside Port Gibson there is a pull-off to see the a part of the Sunken Trace.      

The way back up from the Sunken Trace
  It was really interesting to see how much the path there had sunk over the years of travel.  We got out and walked down to that part of the Old Trace to see how deep it had sunk...amazing.  I even took Asher down and let him walk some of the path, and oh how he enjoyed it.  Just beyond Port Gibson we took a windy drive to see the Windsor Ruins.              

Instead of me writing about it, Gerri took a picture of the sign explaining about the ruins.  Wow, I can't imagine what the house had looked like when it was standing in it's entirety.

Well, we finally arrived in Natchez Mississippi, but because we had a deadline to get Stephen's dog to him, a return trip to Natchez for several days is in order down the road.  We stayed at River View RV Park and Resort in Vidalia, is it really a nice campground.
The open area from the RV Park and the Mississippi River
Another view of the open area
A view toward the bridge over the river from the rv park
Our Campsite
Looking through the open area toward the club house
 It is right on the Mississippi River and was so peaceful and calm.  We will definitely stay here again when we return to tour Natchez Ms. and the surrounding areas.  


  1. Nice that you have now driven the complete Trace, one of these days we mat finish the lower end as well, such a peaceful drive.

  2. Beautiful pictures.Some of these areas look so peaceful.

  3. What?! No pictures of Asher??? It was really interesting about the Windsor Ruins. Thanks for including the sign. I marvel to think that the sketch of the mansion by a Civil War soldier was discovered almost 130 years later.

  4. Great tour! We have driven the trace a number of times. We really enjoyed the Windsor ruins. Amazing that they still stand.

  5. Two wonderful adults and 3 doggies, huh????? Congrats on the new one!!!! Lucky doggies for sure!!!! Someday I still want to drive the Trace from one end to the other. We've done bits and pieces but never all of it... Looks so interesting...

    Great campground/RV park in Vidalia... Beautiful.


  6. What a magnificent Mansion....I don't think you would find a builder/contactor today that would know how handle such a project...The Trace is a terrific slice of Americana...Glad you are doing it and sharing it. Thanks Horst sends

  7. We missed the ruins in Port Gibson. Glad we got to see your visit. The Trace is so interesting.

  8. You manage to find such interesting campgrounds and views. Good for you two for sure.

  9. The Natchez Trace is on our list! (The ever-expanding list...) So cute to see your little Oliver tucked in with all of those big rigs. We started out in a 21' Bigfoot and loved it—and although we're now in a 27' Arctic Fox, we always seem to be one of the smallest in any campground. Like you, we're happiest in a small rig, with a big beautiful backyard of nature. :-)


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