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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We are here...Baton Rouge

We arrived at the KOA in Baton Rouge on Thursday afternoon just before a nice rain shower came through the area.  Luckily we were all set up before the rains began to fall.  

After getting set up and Stephen getting off work we made our way over to his new apartment to deliver his doggie, Jo Jo.  His apartment building is basically right downtown.          
Inside the Apartment Complex First floor is 1 level up

 He doesn't have to fight the traffic in the mornings or afternoons for work and its convenient.  It's an older building with concrete walls so he doesn't have any noice issues there at all.  It is a nice apartment and much larger than the one he had in Auburn!!  He is going to turn his second bedroom into a media room!!         
Parking by the lake at the apartment, Governor's Mansion across the lake and the trees       

View from his living room window

We have a nice site but I will confess....its not the kind of campground we prefer for lots of reasons.             

The first being the price!!  As those of you that travel know, KOAs are upper in the price range.  Don't get me wrong, its a very nice campground with concrete sites and patios laid with pavers.   Right across the road from our site is a beautiful grassy area to walk the dogs....well, to walk Asher.       

 Nick is old and doesn't wish to cross the street to do his business.  There is a very nice pool with hot tub and patio area and out front is a very well kept putt-putt golf course for the kids and kids at heart.              


The second reason its not our cup of tea is there are very few trees.  
I know all KOAs are not treeless but this one is.  We like nature!!!!   I sure miss my birds chirping in the morning and the beautiful trees and hiking trails.    This campground is the closest to our son's new apartment so for this trip its the campground of choice.            

We've enjoyed the people that have come through and most have seemed very friendly.  We've been asked lots of questions about our Oliver and have enjoyed talking Oliver with those that are curious.       
We got to do an outside close-up on a Newell Motorcoach...awesome
We will be here another week and then begin our trek back to the Auburn/LaGrange area to first collect my new permanent crown for the dentist.  Then Mike and I will be doing the doctor thing with our PCP.  The week after that is my semi-annual oncology visit.  This should, Lord willing, be a short visit of only lab work and a visit with the doctor.  The day after this visit we will be heading back toward Baton Rouge to say hi and bye to Stephen as he will be traveling to California on business and we will be traveling to Texas for our domicile.  Whew!!  

We haven't done anything blog worthy since arriving here.  To be honest....resting has been nice!!  Once we get our "travel legs" on we will begin to plan things a little better.  We traveled too many back to back days and that just wore us out.  
We do plan to get out a bit beginning tomorrow and see what we can see in this area.  

Our little guy, Nick, had a "spell" of some sort about a month ago.  He woke up and couldn't walk very well and his head did a lot of jerky motions.  We both thought he might be having a seizure or stroke!!!  We gave him a Temaril P which contains a tiny amount of prednisone.  By the time we got him to the vet he was pretty much his old self again.   Our vet in LaGrange checked him over real well and said he felt like it was something with the brain stem, like some fluid build up or swelling.  He prescribed prednisone (1/2 dose once a day) and it cleared things up real well.  We hate for him to be on prednisone so when he started getting lots better we decided to give him 1/4 of a dose every other day and he seemed to be doing good with that.  No more episodes.  So in bringing Stephen his doggie to Baton Rouge we let the dose go to about 3 or 4 days.  Last night he had another episode!!  We immediately gave him 1/2 dose of prednisone and by bedtime he was walking pretty good and the head jerking had stopped.  We called the vet this morning and he said we needed to continue the prednisone...I guess this means we can't begin a career as a vet any time soon.  So we will do one more 1/2 dose and then go to the 1/4 dose everyday for a few days and then try the every other day but no more than every other day.  High doses of prednisone can cause Cushings Disease in dogs but the vet felt like the 1/4 dose would not cause this.  Bless his heart...our furbabies so become part of our families and when they are not feeling just right we aren't either.  Please say a prayer for our little Nicky!!

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.  Psalm 19:1


  1. Totally understand about KOAs. That being said, that is where we're at for two months. But this KOA is more like a fishing camp with lots of overnighters thrown in. We are really different when it comes to trees. I don't like them. I like wide open spaces. Our Scooter had seizures. They are really scary. Sending lots of prayers for your Nicky boy.

  2. Glad you made it to BR.... Sounds like the KOA is mostly convenient --but not as pretty as most you go to... Maybe you can find another one (with trees) once you get to know that area better. Stephen's new home sounds perfect for him. He has a nice view... Hope he enjoys the new job....

    Where are you headed in Texas? How long will you be there?

    Good luck with your doctor' visits when you get back home.... Prayers for Nick also.


  3. Glad to read your update! Finally your post made it into my Wordpress Reader!
    Sounds like a nice transition for Stephen. Not so much for you two and Nicky. Our last year with our little Tiffany was so painful as she suffered from congestive heart failure. She was such a part of us-for 14 years. Praying Nicky continues to respond to this.
    When we first started RVing-and visiting our daughter, the KOA was the only place in town for miles. We hated it as they didn’t discount for month long stays-which we preferred. So for a year we racked up tons of points so that gave us free stays else where. But it was just too expensive. We found a place more than half the price 30 miles away....did that for a year (a month at a time for 4 months over a year). That place had its issues such as limited # of 50 amp sites. And that 60 mile a day trip to be with family became a burden. Then finally our Lord helped us find a parking place with full hook ups. It’s literally a parking place-but super convenient. Instead of birds waking us up, it’s the hum of traffic and sirens. But it’s so convenient.... as was the KOA-which was in a beautiful setting. I dream of starting our own campground here-but there is no land....

  4. Yes Koa's are pretty pricey, we prefer less trees around our coach and love the wide open spaces as well. But that is why so many different campgrounds around the country.
    Enjoy you relaxing time there.

  5. Poor Nick. It breaks your heart. A lot of traveling days is wearing. Enjoy the down time and get recouped and try to stay cool.

  6. We avoid KOA's if we can. Their prices often do not reflect the condition of the park and many of them have some pretty wild rules. Like visitors to customer sites have to pay a daily fee.

  7. Those sky shots are just amazing, but then I am one who loves watching the endless beauty in the sky.

  8. So sorry to hear about Nick's health issues. It sounds like you've found a way to control his spells, though; and that's comforting. I'll be interested to see your new "digs" in Texas when you get there and get settled. Wishing you well with the oncology visit.

  9. GREAT shots of the cloudy sky. Like you Guys, not much of a fan for KOA's. Nothing really wrong with them, just not my style. Thoughts and prayers for the "puppy" and well wishes also with your upcoming Doctors appt. Safe travels and try to stay cool. Horst sends

  10. We camped at a city or county park on the river just south fo the highway in Baton Rouge...


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