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Monday, June 18, 2018

Getting Ready to Roll and a Golden Plan

We spent most of the day getting things ready to roll.  When you sit for awhile it always seems harder to "get going."   We love the Oliver and the ease of travel and finding awesome places to camp but I don't think I (we) have this minimalist thing down right yet.  I seem to acquire too much especially when we are sitting and not doing too much!!  But there is a place for everything and everything is in its place...mostly!!

As most of you that read this blog already know, our son is moving to Baton Rouge to continue his work with Chartwells Food Service at LSU.  He is excited and a bit nervous but that is normal and most times a good sign.  We are going to be the resident "dog sitters" while this move is taking place.  We will take his dog, Jo Jo with us tomorrow and head north!!       
I know, I know, Baton Rouge is NOT north of Auburn!!  But we are taking the looooong route!!  Actually, we are heading a little south of Tupelo to a city called Van Fleet where we are going to take a look at a English Cream Golden Retriever.  We had a Golden Retriever about 3 years ago that we dearly loved.              

 He came to our family at probably the absolute worst time.  We had him one month before I was diagnosed with cancer!!  With the surgery and then the months of treatment to follow there just wasn't much time to work with him, socialize him and help him with obedience.             

He was big, quite big and strong and during this time he managed to pull or I should say jerk Mike's shoulder pretty badly and shortly thereafter Mike was diagnosed with cervical stenosis in his shoulder/neck.  Now we don't know if walking Jackson caused that or not but it was a reality...a painful reality.  Our neighbor at that time also had a Golden named Nelson and Jackson and Nelson were best buddies.  They asked us one day if they could adopt Jackson since we were so bogged down with medical issues.  We were so relieved and happy that Jackson would be able to live with Nelson and agreed to let Jackson go.  We still miss him and see him every once and awhile.  He is doing great!

That brings us up to the current.  We have always had a Golden in our life.  The first time we full-timed we had our sweet Cody traveling with us.   
Our Cody 

So we located a breeder of  English Cream Goldens in Mississippi and have been in touch with her over about three weeks.  We have agreed, if we like him, to adopt one of her puppies from the parents, Baron and Aspen.               


They are beautiful!!  He is a male and from the pictures looks like a nice boy!!   We have never owned the English Golden before and look forward to falling in love with these sweet Goldens.  
The Puppy

So our plan is to head to Van Fleet, Mississippi tomorrow while our son packs his moving trailer  Didn't we get lucky??  Too old for that kind of work for sure!!  He will head to Baton Rouge on Tuesday and we will head that way....soon!!  There just might be things to see along the way you know!!  Looks like we will be having a few Three Dog Nights coming up.

My crown arrived early!!!  Yay!!  I was able to get the permanent crown put on last Tuesday.  While I was there I had the dentist take a look at my front tooth that had developed a tiny problem during treatment...that stuff is awful!!  Anyway, it had developed a tiny spot on the front and I wanted it fixed.  Since this tooth had already had a tiny filling in the back and now this one at the top he felt the tooth had been compromised too much and would be weak and possibly break.  Well who wants a chipped front tooth so I told him to go ahead and fix it.   You guessed it...another crown!!   I saw him Thursday and he prepped the tooth and put a temporary crown on.  So I am now waiting for that permanent crown!!!  This time it will have to wait till July 10th.  I will be very careful with it in the meantime!!  

I hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful Father's Day!!

                     Happy Father's Day!!!!


  1. Nice to get back on the road again, and that sure looks like you will have another amazing retriever to enjoy.

  2. Oh how wonderful...adopting a Golden!

  3. Your new puppy is beautiful. And I'm not lecturing but I wish he had come from a rescue instead of a breeder. That's my personal feelings. And I admire the fact you're willing to take on a puppy. Jim and I like these old dogs who are like us and want to sleep a lot. lol Hope the new job works out great for your son. On to new adventures.

  4. Exciting times ahead for you.The puppy looks so cuddly and sweet.

  5. Congrats on the new Golden (I hope it works out).... If and when I get another dog, I would love a Golden Retriever.... I had a Cocker Spaniel for 16 years --and loved her (Duchess).... BUT --right now, neither of us want a dog... SO --I'll wait!!!!

    Enjoy your "Three Dog Nights".... ha


  6. The puppy is beautiful. I'm pretty sure you're not going to be able to resist that face. So I'm wishing you well on that Three Dog Night thing. Glad your crown came in early and so sorry about the new problem. Happy travels!

  7. Glad your crown got there early and hope your travels are safe and fun. And that the new golden works out well for you!

  8. Who could resist those faces? Glad you are getting the dental things done and tuned up.

  9. Beautiful pup. Wishing you safe travels, and good times in BR.

  10. Anytime you can avoid getting in the middle of one of the kids move is a GREAT day. :)) Handsome looking Golden...hope it works out for you Guys...Enjoy the Journey!! Horst sends

  11. Having moved many many times in my life, I know how much stress it can create. A new puppy in your life should be a great thing:)


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