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Friday, July 3, 2009

Contract On Our House

Well . . . . . Where to begin?? After having our house on the market for the past three years you begin to think that the sign in the yard is part of the yard art. As with everyone going through this process it can really grind on your nerves. You get up in the morning and after eating breakfast and getting dressed you make your tour through the house to make sure things are in order just in case someone might want to take a look. Well, Thursday was no different. I did my normal and usual stuff and decided that since it was so close to the fourth nobody would be looking and I would meet Mike for lunch. Then I got the call. Somebody wanted to see the house for a second time in about an hour. That is when my melt down occurred. I lit the candles, ran the vacuum, dusted, cleaned the tub and grabbed our Shih Tzu babies and off we went for yet another "road trip." To be honest you begin to get a little numb after three years and don't really think much about it. Later that evening we got the call from our realtor that the folks had offered us our asking price with us paying closing cost. In this market the seller paying closing cost is pretty standard. We have our house priced right. We have lowered the price a couple of times and quite frankly it is about as low as we felt we could go and have any of this make sense.
We were shocked! Wow, it has been a long journey to even get to a contract! Of course, we have to get through the inspection and the appraisal. Our realtor feels good about both of those happening without a hitch but you never know in this market. It just "ain't over till the fat lady sings." So now we wait for the events of the next 30 days. We are scheduled to close on August 14th and move out of the house by August 18th. We have crossed a huge hurdle.

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