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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inspection Day Is Coming

Tuesday is inspection day!!! We have spent the entire weekend cleaning and throwing away junk. It is so overwhelming to think of all we have to do by August 18th. I decided to start with the obvious - junk. I have gone through closets and drawers looking for stuff we don't need, haven't used and don't want any longer. I was so surprised when I saw all the trash bags waiting for the garbage man Monday. I guess after spending 35 years as a teacher you learn to hold on to almost everything because you just might need it one day. You should have seen my classroom when I retired!! Now, don't misunderstand, I am an organized pack rat. Everything is tucked away neatly in a drawer or closet just waiting for that special day when they're called up for active duty. It is funny how when you have a deadline you are able to let go of so much more.

Tuesday the inspector comes! As I started my purging of junk I also decided to clean. Really clean. I dusted baseboards, chair rails and those awful louver closet doors. I cleaned the bathroom, mopped the floors and tried to find every dust bunny I could. Mike blew off the roof, checked the crawl space area, mowed the grass and blew off the driveway. We both went through the house looking for anything that might not pass inspection. Our roof is only 4 years old so that should be ok. The heating and air conditioning system was replaced about 5 years ago along with all the duct work. The hot water heater is about 6 years old. We have had the house painted within the past 5 years, all appliances are new except the refrigerator. Everything appears to work. There are a couple pieces of wood on the roof that will probably have to be replaced. I honestly think we have done all we know to do. Mike and I know that there will be some things to do, after all the house is 35 years old. Now we wait again.

So wish us well as we open our house for inspection!

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