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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sale Pending

Seeing is believing!! The two words we have been waiting to see for several years. SALE PENDING. We have had the inspection, the appraisal, the termite inspection and have passed all test with flying colors. The buyers have been approved and their loan has been sent to the underwriters. Now all we have to do is wait for August 14th.

We have been busy going through drawers, closets and anywhere else a pack rat might think to put things. One of the goals we have for fulltiming is experiencing history up close and personal. To be able to see what we have already learned while in school or in our reading. In doing so we have decided that we didn’t want to loose our own personal history. With that in mind we have sorted through things to see what has importance and what is just “stuff.” It has been an interesting trip through the years. Last night I found, not that it was actually lost, our wedding book. That was fun! It is amazing how young we once were, LOL. We also have a few pieces of furniture that have been in the family for many years. We will keep those. We rented a climate controlled storage locker and have been taking boxes and pieces of furniture over there for the last few days.
We have planned a yard sale for the weekend of August 8th and what doesn’t sell we will give away or send to Goodwill. Our son will be taking several items and when he gets those things out of the house it will make a huge difference.

If you never part with the past. How will your life have any room for the future?
Ashleigh Brilliant



  1. stumbled across your blog on rv-dreams. my husband and i(married 37 years, kids are grown) are retiring in 2.5 years to fulltime...i'm jealous! best of luck to you!

  2. Two weeks will be up before you know it! Congrats!!


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