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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Never Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

We have managed to check off three hurdles in one day. Our inspection went very well considering our house is 35 years old. We ended up having to replace a few bad boards on the trim by the roof which we knew were bad and in need of replacing. The termite inspection was on the same day and that also went well. No signs of termites. At the same time our realtor came by and told us that we had two calls to see our house and one was a repeat visit. She went to the bank where the buyers were getting their loan and asked the status because she didn't want to miss another sell. They approved the buyers loan and it has been sent to the underwriters.

Monday morning the appraiser came to the house. They measured and took pictures and we should be hearing from that today or tomorrow.

You just never know until the "fat lady sings." It appears she is now warming up for a great song!! Stayed tuned for the last hurdle.


  1. We are thrilled for you that you're nearly on your way. Congratulations on the sale of your home. And, take good care of yourselves the next few weeks. Those last days can be a wee bit nutty! But, the "other side" is fantastic!

    Have fun,
    Paul and Mary
    (Newbie Fulltimers)

  2. Congratulations!! Exciting times! Long time coming but it sounds like you are rounding third so to speak.

    I have re discovered your blog and posted it on my blogroll so we can watch the progress.

    It has been too months now and we are enjoying it a lot. Those first couple of weeks were a blur--it all came fast after the contract was signed.

    Congratulatons again!
    Randy and Pam


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