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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arrived at MCD Innovations

We arrived at MCD Innovations Sunday afternoon and got set up in our site, site #3. MCD Innovations produces interior and exterior sunshades for just about any RV as well as tire covers. For a complete overview of what they do check out their website at

We should be here the entire week. They provide a full hook up concrete pad complete with a wonderful customer lounge. If you should have a pet you can walk your friend into Bobbi’s office and she has a special treat waiting there. It has a very family oriented atmosphere. This week there are 7 motorhomes and 1 fifth wheel on the lot. We are here to upgrade our interior shades to the MCD American Duo Day/Night manual Shade System. We are not sure what we will do, if
anything, on the big front window at this time.

This morning we also had the great pleasure of meeting fellow full-timers, Randy and Pam Warner. We have been reading their blog for some time but had not met them until today. They began full-timing in May and you can read their terrific blog at .
They came over to MCD this morning to talk with Bobbi about having the sunshades installed in their Allegro Bus. We spent most of the morning together getting know each other and of course, talking about full-timing. We certainly enjoyed meeting them and were so glad they were able to come over to MCD while we were here.

That about wraps it up for today here at camp MCD. We are getting excited about seeing our shades go up.


  1. Hey! I recognize those folks! Was sure nice to meet you. We'll see you tomorrow night. We want to hear more about the MCD shades.

  2. Good Morning... I am so interested about your new shades and hope you'll post pictures of them... We do no need shades yet but I have seen these before and think they are GREAT! Have fun and enjoy your time with the Warners...

    Travel Safe


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