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Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaving MCDInnovations

We spent a week and one day at camp MCD Innovations! While there we met some really fantastic folks. You just naturally get to know people that you are parked next to especially with nothing much to do but wait. We have heard so many times that RVers are the nicest people you will ever meet. It is true!! We got to know the couple parked next to us, Neil and Karen Cole. They have been full-timing for ten years. Three days just wasn’t enough time to learn from folks like Neil and Karen. They travel the country in their beautiful Teton fifth wheel and a matching MDT. We have been in touch via e-mail ever since they left and hopefully we will be able to meet up with them again down the road. For Mike and I it is a real treat to be able to sit and talk with other full-timers. Then there was Sherry. She travels alone in her beautiful 2007 Dutch Star. Yes, you heard that right…by herself. The day we arrived we met Sherry. She is part of the solo full-timers and is the most active lady of her age I have ever met. There were others that we met during our week at MCD.
There were other fantastic people at MCD such as Bobbi, the “go to” lady. She manages the office and does about twenty different jobs at one time. If you should call MCD you will most likely talk with Bobbi. She is good at her job. Waiting is hard and she knows how to help make it better. The team that makes the shades appear in your rig are Tyler, Brandon and Andrew. Of course, they can’t make them appear unless there is a production department. We never saw that part of the production but we know they were on the job because we have wonderful MCD duo shades in our coach. The entire crew is very talented.
While there we decided to have our valances replaced in the coach. Tyler was the man that made the valances and then with his help we picked out the color fabric (vinyl) that would go with our interior. The valances were sent out on Thursday and back on Friday. That is pretty good service ,don’t you think? In order to help us meet our timetable Tyler and Andrew were willing to come in on Saturday to put up the valances and begin the install.
Thank you MCD Innovations!! We love our shades and valances!! They have made a huge difference in our motorhome. We can’t recommend them enough.

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  1. Wow looking good in your coach... I have been interested in those shades for a long time but our that came with the coach are still good... So until they break we'll keep wanting... LOL Sounds like you had a fun time meeti g new friends of the raod... That is one of the best parts being full time...

    Happy Halloween
    Have Fun & Travel Safe!


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