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Sunday, October 18, 2009

We are Richer

No, we haven’t been playing the lottery! We are richer in the best kind of way. We have just finished our first workamping position at Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. I am not sure what we expected when we arrived but I can assure you we got a lot more than we expected. The first big lesson that we discovered was that this was not a camping situation but a giving back situation. We were there for a purpose but we received so much more than we gave. A refuge exist solely for the animals and ALL animals are protected there. The two footed animal is welcome and can come to enjoy and learn but it is all about the animals. It is not necessarily a well manicured place. Well, at least not by the two footed animals expectations, but if you were to ask the Great Blue Heron or the Snowy Egret what they thought you might find out that it fits their expectations to a tee. There is an aura of peace there. It is a quiet place with a serene feeling. A quiet beauty. It is there that man has not altered the environment and the beauty of God’s creation abounds. The animals come and go and move about freely as if they know that they are in a place that respects them and cares for them. And care for them they do. The refuge has worked very hard during the last few months to prepare for the guest that should be arriving in great numbers in the next few weeks. The refuge workers are looking forward to their arrival and speak with excitement when talking about the time when hundreds of waterfowl will descend upon Hagerman. Their friends are returning home for a season.

We worked hard, hiked wonderful trails, drove many miles of beautiful roads and saw so many different animals during our stay there. We enjoyed our stay in this remote area of Texas and have come away from this experience loving the people of Texas. There is an enormous state pride here like non other I have ever seen. They are hard working people that show respect for each other and love their roots.

So we left Hagerman today and the great folks that make it work. They are incredible people and made us feel like family from the first day we arrived. We can only say a huge thanks to Kathy Whaley, Refuge Manager, for allowing us this wonderful month of opportunity to learn, grow and become richer. Now we are off to new experiences. We’ll see what tomorrow brings
our way.

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  1. It was GREAT meeting you guys today! Hope it goes well at MCD! We are adding up our estimate and not sure we are going to do it although the shades are very nice.

    Hope we see you guys again.

    Please stay in touch!


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