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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Busy Day but A Mellow Night

Today Mike and I were in the mood for some good barbecue. There is a really great place downtown Pine Mountain called Three Little Pigs.DSC03252 DSC03257

They smoke their pork next to their restaurant and when you drive up, you really get that great hickory/barbecue smell. The meat is pulled with no sauce added to it, but you can order whatever type sauce you want to pour over it when you order. You get about half a pound of pulled pork with your sandwich along with chips and slaw for $5.25. There is not a lot of inside seating space, but you can eat outside at picnic tables if you choose. As you can see, the sandwich is loaded with pork.


We were not planning on staying as long as we have here but some things came up that we felt like we needed to extend our stay. Since we had not planned this, jello happens, we decided to move to a shady area off the beaten path in the campground. As the season gets more into May, it’s getting hotter, so the shade will be nice. We could not get the motorhome level and finally called Newmar Tech to get some ideas. It seems the back airbags would not let the air out enough and our front end had to be raised too high to make it level. So we got some wood planks we had made to put under the tires and put them in the front to build up the front end to be more level. The Newmar tech said it sounded like the shutter release valve may not be working or could be clogged. So we are going to try a couple of things this weekend and if that doesn’t work we will order the valve and have it put on so the air bags in the rear can release all the air to level. Glad we found this out before we were in the middle of nowhere and were fair game for a repair service.

Well by the time we were all set up, we were exhausted…… maybe we’re getting older or out of shape??? Anyway Mike built a good fire and we just melted away in front of the fire. By the time the fire was just flickering, I think we were about out too. It was good to be mesmerized by the fire and ambers in the fire.

All is well and Life is Good !


  1. There's nothing like good barbecue! I hope you solve the problem of getting your motorhome level.

  2. I'm sorry to read that you are having leveling problems, but it sounds like you know what is wrong and how to get it repaired. After your comment on my blog, I looked up the FDR St. Park where you will camphost. I'll be looking forward to reading about those adventures soon! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

    Have a great weekend.


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