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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stormy Weather

The weather has just been awful since around 4:00 a.m. That was about the time the thunder and lightning woke us up. We both got up and checked out the weather website. We found on the radar screen that the entire southeast was under a heavy red colored ban of storms. It didn’t look like anybody was going to escape this front. The one bit of information that was the most disturbing were the threats of tornadoes. That led me to think about the story our friends Gene and Judy Curp told about the night they evacuated to the bathhouse for shelter during such a storm. I began to plot out where we would go if things got really bad. Wouldn’t you know it…..this campground has tons of campers this weekend and there are only two bathhouses. How do you say….not everybody is going to get in???? We stowed the satellite, folded the patio chairs and went back to bed. The good news was the wind wasn’t as bad as it has been in other storms so we didn’t pull in the slides. We went back to sleep but this weather front hasn’t finished with us yet.

Since we can’t get outside today we decided it would be a great day to just stay at home and watch a little TV, read, and do a little computer stuff. I will do a little laundry and clean the bathroom/shower. A nap might be nice a little later.

There will be days like this….even in an RV. We certainly hope these severe storms moving through the southeast pass on quickly and folks remain safe.


  1. Stay safe in all of that bad weather. I hope that the worst of it passes on by quickly and with no damage!

  2. We've been under tornado storms all day. Please be safe.

  3. Hope the storms have passed you by now! Staying indoors is the best idea when weather turns ugly. Scrabble anyone?

  4. there is always sambuca scrabble..put a word on the shot of could be pretty drunk by then end of the game..then a nap would really be in order..hope you all stayed safe and dry!!!

  5. Hope you were ok during the stormy weather! It has been raining and blustery here for the last couple of days. Hopefully the skies are supposed to clear today.

  6. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I didn't see a way to follow yours?

    Hope your bad weather clears up soon.


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