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Our Friends

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This IS Home

We finally got a little rain to wash all of this pollen away! It has been a rough pollen season and according to the local doctors we have another two weeks to endure. Oh well, along with the pollen we have been able to enjoy one of the most colorful spring seasons in a long time. The azaleas have been just beautiful as well as the flowering trees.

Mike was on the phone for 57 minutes today trying to explain to Direct TV that we need a satellite for times when our rooftop satellite can’t get through the trees. We had Direct TV come out to the motorhome in August to start up our service, bring us our HDTV receiver/DVR and regular receiver for the bedroom. Since we already had the rooftop HD satellite we told the serviceman that we didn’t need a dish. Mistake! Today Mike tried for almost an hour to explain that we have perfect reception, no technical problems we just want a satellite dish so we can set up our tripod when we are in campgrounds that the rooftop satellite can’t pick up the satellites for HDTV. Sheeesh! First, she thought we had problems getting reception. We got through that crisis and then we moved on to how they can’t send a technician out to a motorhome….they need to come to our home. Well, this is our home. No sir, we need to come to your house we can’t come to your motorhome. You don’t understand, this IS my home. Well alrighty then we can send you a satellite dish to your site at Pine Mountain RV Resort but we don’t know if it will be a HD dish or just a regular dish. It is hard to understand why a work order couldn’t be written stating what type of dish we need. She claims they cannot….but they can send a work order for a satellite and an address as to where to deliver it but not what to deliver. This is crazy stuff. So Friday morning between 8:00 and 11:00 we will be delivered a satellite dish. We aren’t sure if it will be HD or just a regular dish. Regular is what we prefer since when we use the portable dish we might have trouble finding all those HD satellites. We just feel lucky we got this far and will take whatever they bring. We think there might be a choice once the technician gets here. Maybe he’ll understand.

This evening we had a wonderful dinner with Doug and JoAnn

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( They have been camped at FDR State Park since last Wednesday. We have gotten together several times during their visit here and have really enjoyed getting to know them better. They are a wonderful couple and travel with their special companion - Fillmore. Fillmore is a beautiful standard poodle. JoAnn fixed a yummy meal and we enjoyed eating, chatting and relaxing together. They will be leaving Thursday to head for Rainbow Plantation. We are so glad they came this way and we had this special time together. It has been a perfect weather week for them to visit and explore the area. We will see you guys again soon. J


  1. I don't like to "speak ill of folks" but DirectTV really is dense sometimes. OK..enough of that. :)

    Glad you are having a nice time there. Enjoying time with friends is wonderful.

    Enjoy the day.

  2. How did you make out with Direct TV? Did you ever get what you want. We have DirectTV (love our Tivos!) but have had several weird experiences with them at our stick home. Mainly they keep wanting to give us new receivers. As long as they are free upgrades, we'll take them!


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