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Friday, August 19, 2011

Auburn University


Yesterday afternoon Mike and I decided to take a short trip over to Auburn, Alabama.  When you think of Auburn, Alabama you just naturally think Auburn University.  In fact the city of Auburn is mainly the campus itself.


Auburn was founded in 1856 as a male college.  It wasn’t until 1872 that it became the first land grant- college in the south and was called Agriculture and Mechanical College of Alabama.  It was also once referred to as Alabama Polytechnic Institute and wasn’t known as Auburn University until 1960.


The last enrollment number (that I could find) was for the fall of 2010 of 25,078 students.  There are 140 degrees offered with 13 different schools and colleges for undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.  It is quite large and in this part of the country….quite well known. 

When you go there you immediately are met with the orange and blue colors and very large paw prints on the roads and store fronts.  You know immediately you are in “Tiger Country.” 


It was a beautiful day with an every so very faint feel of fall in the air.  Maybe that was just the absence of humidity I was feeling but whatever it was it felt great!!  There were many folks just taking in the campus “feel” and of course there were the students that will call this awesome place their home for at least 4 years, some may be on the five year plan.

We quickly found one of favorites places to eat….The Mellow Mushroom.  The wait was almost 30 minutes….must be a favorite of the students as well.  In any case, the wait was worth it.  The pizza was great and the atmosphere very “War Eagle!”  We walk around enjoying the day and took a few pictures.  One of the pictures we took was of Jordan-Hare Stadium where the Auburn Tiger football team went on to win the National Championship for 2010!  WAR EAGLE!!!!



We had a great day and it was fun seeing parts of the campus and eating at The Mellow Mushroom.


  1. We love watching college football. And Auburn is one of the teams we always try to see. How fun to see your pictures of the campus.

  2. We have a touch of fall here on occasion..but not often enough for favorite season of all...Thanks for the Auburn tour...loved it.

  3. Thanks for a great tour of Auburn University.

  4. Soon it will be very busy with the incoming students. One thing about most college towns, the food is usually pretty good.

    Thanks for the tour.

  5. I don't follow football, but when you walk the grounds of old universities you sure can feel the history in the air!

    Is that hummer from your back yard?

  6. we really like to visit Universities - always fun for us

  7. You sure do find some interesting places to visit. I would never have thought of an University. Thanks for the idea.

  8. We have visited Auburn many years ago and it is a GREAT campus. We also love to visit big name schools across the country... Great post and wonderful photos!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  9. I, too, love to visit college campuses. And this is my favorite - in fact, we live here! And both work at AU. War Eagle!!!

  10. Are the Live Oaks still living. I was so distressed to hear that they were intentionally poisoned.

  11. the college campus looks so is a wonder the students were ever able to concentrate on their studies!!


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