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Our Friends

Friday, August 5, 2011

Doug Dubrouillet

                        Doug & JoAnn

I sat down with my computer ready to read blogs and make comments to my friends.  The first blog I came to was Al’s of The Bayfield Bunch, and his heading said it all……Fellow RV Blogger Doug Dubrouillet Passed Away Today.  Needless to say my reading and commenting got sidetracked.  Instead, I went on a trip down memory lane.  We had read and followed Doug and JoAnn (Living Our Dream) for several years but it was the winter of 2010 at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama that we finally got to meet this special couple.  They came to our motor home for an afternoon gathering of friends….Norm and Linda Payne, Don and Gloria Martin and of course Doug and JoAnn. 

          Doug & JoAnn at Rainbow


          Doug & JoAnn camped at Rainbow

We all talked and enjoyed the afternoon as good friends would do.  Later in the evening we would venture to Big Daddy’s Grill for some yummy seafood with fellow Rvers Glenn and Sylvia Avery and of course Doug and JoAnn. 

            Doug & Friends at Big Daddy's

They didn’t stay long at Rainbow but we would see them again in April at FDR State Park and Callaway Gardens.

          Doug & JoAnn at Callaway 

Once again we enjoyed spending time with this very special couple and of course their famous Standard Poodle….Filmore.  FilmoreWe got together for dinner at each other’s rigs and spent a little time cooling off and eating a snack at Callaway in between walking the azalea trails.  It was a beautiful spring and the azaleas put on a fantastic show for us all. 

        Doug & JoAnn in their Home

        Yes, we enjoyed meeting this fine couple but more than that we enjoyed watching them live their dream and live their dream they did!!  Never allowing the enemy (cancer) to take their desire to experience and enjoy this wonderful country and its amazing people.   Tonight Doug is at rest, no longer in pain but he has left us all with the challenge to live each day, embrace it and follow your dreams.

"Follow your dream today. Not next year."      Doug Dubrouillet


  1. I didn't know Doug and JoAnn, but I'm glad they took the time to follow their dream, and I'm sure he will be missed by all who knew him. It's sad to lose a member of this special RVing family.

  2. I'm trying.

    I did not follow their blog, but I feel a sadness none the less. I'm glad he "did it" and followed his dream as long as he could.

  3. well said, Gerri! is a sad day for all in blogville!..and even sadder day for Joanne and Fillamore!...we never had the pleasure to meet them but read their blog occasionally..
    Joanne is in our thoughts tonight.

  4. I didn't have the privilege of knowing this couple but they certainly sound like they were an inspiration. Always sad when we loose a member of our community. My heart goes out to Joanne.

  5. I did not know of this couple, but I am sure Joanne is thankful for friends like you and others in the RVing community.

  6. Nice remembrance of Doug. I never met them, but have followed their travels for years. :(


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