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Friday, August 26, 2011

Cedar Key, Florida


Off to Cedar Key, Florida!  That is where we headed Wednesday morning.  The trip took us a little longer than we thought but we enjoyed every mile!!
It has been too long since we have been able to “hit the road.”


As you know, we haven’t purchased our “downsized” RV yet so we were destined to stay “sticks and bricks” style.  We reserved a cottage at Pirates Cove….sounds nice doesn’t it??  The pictures were nice as well…..the reality not so much.  Our cottage was rather small and uncomfortable with the A/C not doing a very sufficient job.  We decided to go ahead and stay the night since it was getting late and regroup in the morning.  Oh how we miss our wheels!! 

       DSC03977  DSC03979

This morning we located a very nice place called The KingFisher where we were able to get a really nice rental.


We have a one bedroom with a nice kitchen and bath complete with a new tile floor and a lovely dock overlooking the Gulf!  It comes at an affordable price and best of all….it is pet friendly.  Everything worked out very well.  Did I mention that we really miss our wheels???

Once we got settled into our room we made our way to Dock Street….the main street that runs adjacent to the Gulf where we found a great place to eat lunch.





  We always ask the locals to recommend places to eat and Coconuts came highly recommended. 



We pretty much had the place to ourselves and a nice table overlooking the water.  Mike had a pulled pork sandwich and I had the coconut shrimp.  Both plates came with coleslaw and french fries. 


I must say my coconut shrimp was crazy good!!  It came with a zesty orange sauce that really tasted wonderful. Not only was the food excellent but the local dolphins put on a pretty neat show for us.


They were swimming and jumping a pretty good ways out.  Mike tried to get a good picture but it isn’t easy from such a distance. 




After getting our tummies full we decided to walk off lunch and explore the Cedar Key area.  We walked through many of the stores on Dock Street and enjoyed the awesome water views.  Before going to Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge and other birding spots we stopped by our “cabin” for an afternoon siesta!! 

More to come!!


  1. Enjoy your holiday. Cedar Key looks very picturesque and your lunch sounded “oh so good”!


  2. Wow! Sounds wonderful so far...

    Pulled pork? Deeelish! and I'll take your word on the coconut shrimp, LOL! I bet you miss your wheels...just saying! ha ha! Great pics, keep'em coming! Cheers! ~M

  3. Life sounds pretty good for you guys. Have fun.

  4. funny you are in Florida enjoying the sunshine and I am almost in Maine keeping an eye out for a hurricane... this is a weird world we live in...

  5. Glad to hear you are out and about again! :)

  6. I hear ya on the "missing our wheels". We had to spend a night at a motel a few months ago and it really made us realize how we appreciate our own bathroom and bed...Glad you are enjoying this new place, it sounds perfect.

  7. Ceder Key is really a nice little area and the clams are oh so good. Glad you found an alternate chice that was better then what you had. Hope you have fun while your in the area there!
    Travel safe

  8. Cedar Key sounds great! And I guess you haven't been affected by the hurricane winds?

  9. Enjoy! We spent a week there last Dec. Nice quiet place to spend time.

  10. Sounds like a great trip. Understand what you mean about missing your wheels. We haven't spent the night in a motel in 6 years. Our Casita is small but, it's "our" bed and bathroom. Have fun..............jc

  11. enjoy your vacation..we can so relate to missing the 'wheels'!!..looks like a lovely place!..and lunch looked delicious!!

  12. I was wondering the same - no effects from Irene?

    I often state how I would dislike staying at a motel, etc. while traveling. And to think I USED to like it. Things change when you get the RV bug, doesn't it. I so understand what you are feeling.

  13. What a great looking spot you've got. Enjoy your holiday and glad the storm has missed Florida.

  14. The little blue cottages looked cute, but sounds like the other one was much nicer. What a pretty place! Guess you miss your "wheels" though. I need to re-read your blog - what will your next RV be?

  15. Don't ya just hate it when the reality doesn't match up with what has been advertised? Well, glad you found a nicer looks really nice on the outside. What a great lunch place too. I don't suppose I will ever get to Florida but it sure looks like a wonderful place. Oh, do you miss your wheels, I wasn't sure lol!!


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