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Thursday, July 15, 2010



We received our much anticipated and needed freezer today. DSC03475 The FedEx man came to the campground office and delivered our 100 pound freezer. Mike went up and with the help of one of the Rangers loaded it into the Jeep. He brought it home and together we unloaded it. Supposedly it is easier to unload than load. We opened the box and lifted out our new freezer and took a look at it. DSC03478 DSC03480 It is a very nice looking freezer and fit just right on the slide in the basement compartment. That is when we saw the dent. DSC03481 Yep…it had a dent in the side of it. The dent happened to be on the side where the motor and fan lives. Sheesh.

Mike got on the phone and called the company to report the damage. The box it was shipped in was in perfect condition. The inner box that housed the freezer was in perfect condition. Where it picked up this dent we have no idea. The company offered a return/replacement, a damage reduction in price or refund on purchase. We definitely didn’t want the damage reduction in price. Not sure of how it was dented or any further damage that might have been done, that we could not see, we opted out on that offer. We still need a freezer and this is a great price as compared to Norcold. It comes with a good warranty and plenty of great customer reviews so we thought perhaps a replacement would be in order.

The procedure goes something like this…..repack and box the freezer in the original boxes. We will receive a return slip via e-mail today and they will pick up the freezer on Monday. Monday??? Yep…you heard right…Monday. Why not tomorrow?? We made the call this morning at 10:00 a.m. and we have to wait until Monday??? Yep…that’s the procedures. No credit will be given on our account for the freezer until they receive it. I guess they don’t trust us. It’s funny…..they took our money before we ever saw a freezer. I always thought trust went both ways. We can wait until they credit our account for the amount of this freezer and then reorder or we can go ahead a reorder now….but we have to pay in advance. That’s business. That’s life!

We are beginning to have a few campers coming in for the weekend. Everyone seems happy and ready to have a great weekend. It should be a rather hot one. Mike and I rode the “mule” to the back section, section 2 and opened it up. While we were there Mike did a little weed eating around the bathhouse and I swept the walkway. Gee, those weeds are really growing!! It looked very nice when we finished.

Glad you stopped by for a visit with us. We appreciate all our RV’ing friends!!


  1. Bummer, that dent is the last thing you wanted to find. Sure is frustrating on the hoops us consumers have to jump through to get what we are paying for! Good Luck on #2 freezer!

  2. What a bummer, but you made the right decision, you will get a perfect one with less chance of unseen defect. Iy will be worth the wait. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. I'm sorry about the dented freezer. Makes you wonder how it happened, doesn't it. What about if they gave you a discount and extended the warranty?

  4. We had the same bad time with our TV stand...We had to send 2 panels back 3 times...It came damaged that many times....I was ready to put our new TV on an orange crate..Yea, funny how they LOVE to get our money, but don't want to give it back!! Keep the faith..You will really love your new one...once it comes back ...

  5. Sorry to learn about the dent. Is it possible the dent was there a the outset particuarly since the box showed no signs of any external damage. Keep us posted on this. have a good weekend.

  6. Your luck sounds like ours we ordered new windows for the house and they came Monday to install them and two were the wrong size,so they have to reorder them and come back.

    Have a good week...

  7. I'm sorry to hear about the dent in the freezer. That IS disappointing, and so is their return policy. May everything go well the next time around. Sooner or later you will have a freezer full of food again!

  8. At least you are dealing with a reputable company. They could just as easily stonewalled your problem saying that you accepted the shipment with no visible damage to the carton so the dent must have happened when you opened the carton.

    Have you heard of our saga with a disreputable chair company?

  9. And here I thought I was the only one who had the bad luck to always received damaged goods. It's annoying, and time consuming, but returning it for a "new" product is the way I would go to. Since I've been retired, I've got all the time in the world for these kinds of things. It used to drive me crazy when I was working though.

  10. the trials and tribulations of on-line ordering!!..they will get it right eventually!!

  11. Gosh, I'm sorry about the damaged freezer. Now you have to wait for a replacement. Disappointment is an understatement I'm sure. Hope your weekend goes well at least.

  12. It's disturbing to think someone actually put the 'damaged goods' in the shipping box knowing the dent was there. Also disturbing to realize that the person responsible for the dent never reported it. We are quite a collection of characters on this planet!!

  13. Unfortunately damaged, poor, unsuitable or otherwise unacceptable mercandise seems to be the norm any more. As does poor service.

    We had thought about getting a small freezer for the basement but decided against it as we are now full to capacity and worry about carrying any more weight.

    As always, it will all work out in the end.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. It doesn't seem right that you should have to pay for two freezers before you even have one that is in good shape! :(

    I try to remember that if things didn't go wrong, life would be boring. Oh, how I'd like to be bored about now! :)

  15. We had a similar thing happen with a double oven we had replaced at the house last year. While they were pulling the old one, the installer kept complaining about how he had had to load the new one onto his truck by himself. Then he came in and tried to sound suprised when the side was quite dented! Gee I wonder how that happened. You really do have to inspect everything carefully and keep the boxes for a while until you are sure everything works!

    Why did I think this kind of problem would no longer be an issue once on the road!

  16. Darn! After all the trouble of getting it to you, too. Maybe someone at the factory was having a bad day, and kicked it in. Good thing you didn't put a bunch of groceries in there before you saw the dent!!!

    p.s. Glad to be back in range :) Missed you guys!

  17. Hmmm, I share your dissapointment,,,,I hate to WAIT, especially after already waiting for it in the first place. I believe I would have tried it and seen if it worked....If it did, I would have kept it and took a damage settlement.(if it was realistic) Oh well, your probably better off getting a new one... Now YOU get to put the first dent or scratch in it... Good Luck!!

  18. Sorry, you're having so much trouble getting the freezer replaced. But I really am glad we included the freezer with our original motorhome order. I absolutely love having it. I've always been a bulk buyer (raised 5 kids) and it sure is nice to buy a whole pork loin and cut it up myself into chops, stir fry, and roasts. I also freeze fresh picked blueberries and raspberries. I package nearly everything in square or rectangle packages to better use the space. And frozen yogurt stays frozen much better in the freezer than in the side by side freezer inside.

    Dan wanted an outside TV in that space, but I knew that I could save a LOT of money by doing our own cooking. And I love to cook.

    Our weight is still 900# under the maximum for our motorhome.

    Good luck in getting the new freezer soon.


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