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Saturday, July 10, 2010

What’s That Smell


What is that smell???? That’s what I asked Mike the other night. I was in the bedroom getting ready for bed when this horrible odor came into the room. My first thought was…Cody. Cody is our Golden Retriever and yes, he sometimes has trouble with flatulation. He looked up at me as if to say…”it wasn’t me this time.” I knew something was amiss so I went looking for Mike. I found him outside on the patio looking in our freezer. Uh Oh,…not a good sign.    DSC_3253 We have (had) a chest type freezer in our basement that sits on a slide tray. It is a 100 lb. capacity and certainly comes in handy. It takes up a little bit of space in the compartment right next to the front door. It’s not in the pass thru part of the basement so it doesn’t take any space from that huge area. I love my freezer! I typically buy in larger quantities and repackage in zip lock bags. .the freezer type. I can prepare meals and freeze them to have for travel days or just for quick meals. The freezer section in an RV refrigerator is usually limited in space with the ice maker taking up a lot of the room… but I like the ice maker. Needless to say we were very excited when we discovered this motorhome came with a Norcold freezer in the basement.                  DSC_3254               Back to the patio and Mike and that awful odor. The awful odor was my food being taken out of the freezer because the freezer had stopped working and the food had spoiled. How awful is that?? Rotten food smell on your patio.

This happened to us once before when we were in Texas at the NWR. The freezer had just stopped working and Mike emptied it, not as much was in it that time, defrosted it and plugged it back in. It went right back to work. This time when we defrosted it nothing happened. We changed a fuse and nothing happened. We even called Norcold and talked with a technician and tried everything he suggested but nothing happened.                     DSC_3255 Today Mr. Robertson from Five Points, Alabama came to the motorhome to take a look. He owns Robertson RV which is a repair and storage facility for RVs. He also does mobile repairs. He used a meter that would tell if the voltage was coming in to the power supply and voltage going out to the compressor. He got the numbers he needed and we made another call to the Norcold technician and he verified what we already suspected. The compressor had gone out in my beloved freezer. My freezer had died. The Norcold technician said you cannot put a new compressor in the unit. We think it has something to do with EPA requirements. So there you have it…my freezer is dead.

We went online and found a replacement freezer. It is not Norcold but has the same AC/DC power supply, nearly the same dimensions, looks just like the Norcold minus the huge Norcold price. It came highly recommended with a good warranty. We feel it will do just as good as the big name brand. All that and we got free shipping. It is called the Edge Star FP630. It is 63 quart capacity. It is just a bit larger but will still fit nicely in the space the other freezer occupied. So there you have it. We have a replacement at a good price with free shipping. All’s well that ends well.

Update on our memory foam topper….it “aired” out successfully so now there is no lingering smell. Mike and I have really enjoyed getting a good nights sleep. We don’t seem to toss and turn quite so much and we wake up less sore on our shoulders and backs. So it looks like this was a winner. We highly recommend!         DSC_2435

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  1. I'm so glad you found another freezer and I hope you didn't lose too much stuff.

    The flower pictures are very pretty, almost me want to sniff them!

  2. Uh Oh! Something else to add to my wish list!! Having an extra freezer would be THE BEST...Even if you have to replace it sometimes. Glad you figured out what the stinky smell was :)


  3. What a bad deal,I guess you came out with a good deal on the replacement, that is something we are going to look into since Adam likes a lot of frozen stuff, Like pizza's so I am always out of freezer room when he is with us. Be safe out there. Sam and Donna.

  4. Oh, my! I'm sorry you lost all your food and beloved freezer. But, it sounds like you found a nice alternative. Now, you'll have to get busy cooking up some new, delicious meals to freeze and enjoy. :)

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the freezer. At half price you can't beat it! Definitely something to consider for the RV. My MUST have is my water filtration system, I can't live without that!


  6. Congrats on getting your new freezer. But that was a bummer that the old one died on you. Hope you didn't lose too much food. I love our memory foam too. You two take care...I like the quote. A good reminder to live life fully. The Camp Host Housewife

  7. Thanks for sharing that quote. I'm glad you found a replacement freezer and also glad that you are getting a good's night sleep now!

  8. Glad you found a nice replacement for your old freezer. And it works!!! We have a Norcold refer inside the MH and we had to replace the cooling unit when it was only 2 years old. This is the first Norcold we've ever had. All previous MH's had a Dometic. We never had a bit of problem with 3 other Dometic refers. I'd never buy a Norcold anything now, just because I'm a little gun-shy on that.

    Sorry all of that wonderful (and expensive) food in your freezer was spoiled. :(

  9. That freezer is really neat. To bad the old one went out on you.

    Could you post the URL in your next blog? I'd like to put it into my for the future file.

  10. Too bad you lost the food in the freezer, but great news that you were able to get a new one so quick too. An extra freezer is always a great thing to have in an RV.

  11. rest in peace to your old freezer!!!..and cheers to the new one!!!!

  12. Mike & Geri,

    What a bummer that your your Norcold turned into a Notcold. Now as to buying fuel on the smaller roads. The answer is yes and no. We are fortunate that our fuel tank holds 194 gallons. Even though we try to never get below the half empty mark, the large capacity gives us some leeway in when and where we buy fuel. We have been known to pull into a station just because we could tell that we could get in and out easily. After having gotten really stuck once and having to unhook the toad, we are really careful about finding places to refuel.

    You guys sound like "newbies" as are we.

    We love our mattress topper. Makes we think I am sleeping at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

  13. That quote by Sun Woman also had a dramatic impact on me. My path has always been a little off kilter, but I've certainly enjoyed all those that have joined me for a portion (big or small) of my journey along my path. :)

  14. What a pain...the freezer, glad you found something to replace it. Sorry about losing all the food in it.

    I am glad to hear you like your memory foam topper. We have a memory foam mattress with a memory foam topper as well. Love it.

  15. We have a Norcold freezer too in our outside bay. We've had it for a year now and love it. Hope it wont crash like yours. What kind did you find and at half the price of the Norcold sounds good to me. The flower pictures are just great!

  16. On no, so sorry to hear about your freezer, what a mess to clean up. We ended up once cleaning up a neighbor's frig/freezer once when it failed when we were watching their house. Quite memorable!

    Glad you found another one that will work, have you gotten it yet?


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