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Friday, July 16, 2010

Never Say Never !

Never say never!!! That was a lesson I supposedly learned many years ago but I guess I need a refresher course. It all began when my HP laptop began to have these little quirky problems….like shutting down for no apparent reason. Then it went to loosing something right in the middle of whatever I was doing. Not being so computer savvy I originally thought it was something I was doing wrong. Then it began to happen to others…namely Mike.                 DSC_2521

We took the laptop into Staples (where we purchased it) and talked with the technicians there. They did a few things here and there and said maybe, just maybe, that would solve the problem. Nope…it didn’t.

We went back to Staples and this time the laptop was sent to the HP technicians for correction. We even sent the laptop with a written paper stating what was happening and what the local tech thought might be the problem. A couple of weeks later the laptop was sent back. When we picked it up and booted it up we immediately realized NOTHING was done. They cleaned it and replaced the power cord. Before I go any further let me say this….there was NOTHING wrong with the power cord; it was tested at Staples on our first trip in.DSC_2516

So my beloved laptop was again sent back to the HP technician for them to do the job they should have done in the first place. A couple of weeks later we again went back to Staples and picked up the laptop. We brought it home and began to bond with it once again. That is when it happened…, for no apparent reason shut down. No…tell me it isn’t so!!!

Once again, we returned to Staples for help. This time a call was made and the result was the warranty would replace the laptop. It seems when you have a problem they want several attempts to fix it before just replacing. I understand that…its business.           DSC_3354

My deal was one of three things – 1. Allow HP to send me a replacement of their choosing or 2. Take the laptop to the store and make an exchange, if what I choose cost less no refund or 3. Wait for a cash card for the purchase price of my laptop. We chose number 3.

Two and half weeks later we still had not received the cash card. In the meantime our P.O. Box in LaGrange expired and now ALL mail is being forwarded to Texas (our soon to be domicile). We called to see when the card was sent only to find out it hadn’t been sent. What?? I can’t explain why it hadn’t been sent because the Staples Warranty Company couldn’t explain why it hadn’t been sent. Now we are going to have to wait for it to be forwarded to Texas and then for Texas to forward it to us. We may be well into August before that card reaches our hands. To say we were furious is an understatement.

A positive plug for the manager of Staples; he got on the phone with their home office and told them what horrible service we were receiving. He finally got someone in the head office to make a corporate decision. Give them the price of their computer and allow them to buy whatever they want.

Well alrightly, now we are getting somewhere. We walked over to the laptop display to make our decision.

Before I go any further let me tell you we have been doing our homework. We have looked and touched the laptops at Staples a couple days each week for a couple of weeks. We have asked on this blog as well as Facebook. We have received many great suggestions. The one that kept coming up was Dell. The Dell Inspiron. I didn’t want Compaq and I didn’t want Acer. That left HP, Dell and one model of Toshiba. I wasn’t sure if I wanted another HP because of all the problems but I also realized that this particular model was one that they had many problems with. Anything technical can and does have problems. I liked Toshiba but the model they had was a little larger than I like. They had the perfect Dell Inspiron, perfect size and with the Intel Pentium I-3 processor, 4 Gigs RAM, 500 Hard drive. That was the one I wanted. It was not on sale, not in stock. However, they did have the equivalent or higher in the HP line. Intel Pentium I-5 processor, 4 Gigs RAM (DDR3), 500 hard drive with the new chicklet keys. The price was only $50 more than what we paid for the old laptop. The Dell would have been right at $150 more. We still needed to purchase a new warranty at $150. So money talks…..and talk it did.                                              DSC03488 DSC03487

I am now the new owner of an HP laptop. I reserve the right to say if I am a proud owner until I see how this one performs. I have hope and faith it will do what I need it to do. After all I am not that tech savvy so I should be pleased…..if it will just stay ON.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting, we appreciate each of you very much.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and be safe!


  1. I'm wishing the best of luck with your new HP laptop. You've had enough problems. It's time to have a trouble-free computer!

  2. What? No more sharing? Love is sharing your computer, you know? Well, I guess you've learn to be good kids, play well, and share with each other. Good luck with the new 'puter. Now, if the new freezer will just show up!

  3. Good luck with your new computer; with all of that blazing speed you'll be cranking out blogs every hour! Thanks for you comments on our blog - we appreciate the kind thoughts. Nova Scotia is amazing, but we missed Cape Breton, so we know we've got to return some day.

  4. I am so glad you finally have a new computer. Hope it performs well for you.

    I love those cute little bird picutres.

  5. Sounds like you were really getting the old run-around there. Nice to see Staples came through for you though. I'm sure this laptop will be just fine. The problem on your faulty one sure sounds like a bad power supply, but it doesn't matter now. It doesn't mean that it will happen to any other HP laptop - it's just a faulty part that in all likelihood is used by several different computer manufacturers.

  6. Sweet! You're up and rocking again! I can't imagine being without my laptop, LOL!

    Now lets keep our fingers crossed for your freezer. Cheers!

  7. Are you breaking things on purpose so you can get brand new ones? It looks like it's working...I'm going to try it. Don't tell Jonathan :)


  8. Dang, you're have a streak of problems with your purchases. Hope this one works out! :)

  9. I'm glad that you finally have a working laptop:-) hopefully that freezer will be there soon. Those are the two things that I rely on the most.

  10. I'm still way back somewhere trying to figure out what Chicklet keys are??

  11. Nothing more frustrating than having bad service, glad you got a nice new one - Enjoy!!

  12. Great news that you finally received some customer satisfaction with this whole computer issue. Hope the new one works well for you and for a very long time! Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Glad to see you guys are up and running, HP is a quality product, and you should get good service from them, We are getting ready to head out for the week, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  14. It just would not be a computer if it always performed as it should and lasted more than two years. :(


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