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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There You Are !

I missed you guys this morning!! No, I‘m serious. It seems Blogger was having some kind of “comment” issue and nobody was able to send or receive a comment. Gee, I really missed you all.

I got up and went about my usual routine. Got my cup of hot tea, bowl of oatmeal and my computer and logged on my blog site to see what all my friends had so say and guess what?? They didn’t say anything!!! What? Was it something I said?? Ok, so I decided to go to the blogs of my friends and read what they had been up to. I began to read the first blog of the morning….Karen of (http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods, and she cleared up the mystery with her entry titled “Blogger Comments Moderation not working…” where she said she could not post approved comments. I then began my detective work and went to the posts that I had made comments on yesterday and guess what?? Most of those  comments were not  there.                                      DSC_2815               It appears Blogger was having difficulty. I am so glad I am not the only one that can have technical difficulty.

As the day moved along I began to notice some comments begin to trickle in. Yea! It is so good to hear from you all again. I was so lonely!! I did notice that the number always remained at 3 and never changed no matter how many comments came in. Strange?? Oh, well, that is not what is important. What is important is you are back….gee I sure did miss you.                                    DSC_3186 We took the day off and instead of doing something awesome and exciting we went to Lagrange and visited the Staples store to see what laptops they had in stock. I think I already posted that my laptop has not been fixed and I’m not sure it will ever be fixed. Our warranty is going to replace the computer and when my cash card comes in the mail I will be able to purchase a new laptop. We went and “touched” several makes and models. The big problem for me is that Staples doesn’t have a wide variety of makes and models. I can order on line but that doesn’t really expand things much. I am looking at a Toshiba and a Dell Inspiron. The Toshiba has AMD Turion II and the Dell has the Intel Pentium I-3 which is supposed to be a little newer processor. They have a nice HP but it is priced at $900.00. We still have a few days to decide.                                              DSC_3192 The weather has been creeping up from our few really nice days with very low humidity. It really had felt like fall there for a few days BUT not now! Our temps, as well as half the country, are going to be creeping up to almost 100 by the end of the week. You all stay safe in this heat and drink plenty of water and stay inside with the AC on. This heat wave may keep the campers home this weekend so it might be a slow quiet weekend.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks so much for your comments. They are important and read each morning and when they aren’t there we really miss you. Hope you have a great day.

Life is Good (but hot).


  1. I left some comments around the blogosphere and didn't see them appear either. Couldn't get some on my 2 blogs posted as well.

    Wow...what beautiful pics you have today. The warm weather is finally getting her to Western Washington this week. At least we have A/C in the motorhome. :)

    Enjoy your week.

  2. Looks like the Blogger Comments problem is slowly returning to normal. Unless you are a "power user" of extreme computer games, which I kind of doubt, then any of the laptops you mentioned will perform extremely well. The best advice is to just pick the one you like best and at the price you are willing to pay!

  3. Rick...thanks for your input and advice on the laptop situation. You are so right, I don't get into the extreme computer games, video stuff etc.
    I just want a good nice performing laptop. Thanks for your help!!

  4. Gerri, I am very happy with my (fairly new) HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. I highly recommend it! We bought it at Best Buy.

    When there is a problem with blogs or blogger comments, we all really notice it! Thanks for your posts about it.

  5. Mike and Gerri, Thanks for you're comment. Since I'm new at this blogger thing, I thought that it was something that I did or didn't do. It makes me feel a bit better now that I know I'm not the only one. Seems that we are all kindred spirits. Take care, enjoy the heat, for me it is better than freezing.

  6. You have narrowed it down to two really fine computers, I am typing this on a Dell desktop and we have a Dell laptop both af which are giving us fine service. My last desktop was an AMD processor and the Dell's have pentiums,Both were fine but I think the Pentiums are a little faster responding to high memory uses, like trying to blog when a document is printing. HP makes a good product but as you saw they are always the highest dollar machines. Whatever you decide on get the warranty and you will be happy, Your pictures are great, we are still waiting for a hummer to make it's appearance, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. I also missed the comments yesterday. It's funny how much you look forward to them!

    Love the Cardinal picture!

    I have been very happy with my HP laptop. It had Vista on it (was not able to get anything else at the time) and I was prepared to hate it, and intended to change it. I never had the first problem (knock on wood) though and have been very happy with the laptop. I did try a 17 inch Toshiba first and hated it. It was just too large and heavy and since I normally use mine on my lap, I was glad when it was defective and I was able to return it. I went back to the 15 " monitor and much prefer it. In my opinion, larger is not better.

    One thing to consider if you like to use it outside, is the matte finish monitor vs the shiny screen which reflects everything. I think Dell now offers the matte screens. It may not be an issue for you, but I hate my shiny screen monitor.

  8. good morning to my favourite campground hosts..and yes we are all back reading along and commenting once again..if you write and no one comments does that mean the blog does not exist??..great photos once again!! for the new computer..we have DELL at our house...we have purchased two laptops and one desk top from them and been very happpy with our choices..our latest was new laptop..a pretty red one..thats about all i it is an ispiron..15 inch very well!!..have a great day!!!

  9. Doug and Sue...if I write and no one comments and the blog doesn't exist does that mean I don't exist?? Just saying???? Nothing surprises me in cyber land!!
    Thanks for you input on the laptop. It is always helpful to know what others use and if they are happy with their choice. Thanks!


  10. Karen..thanks for your input on the laptop also. There are two HPs that I really like at Staples but they are both around $900. I was hoping to spend a little less since I don't do a tremendous amount on the computer but I do like the Intel Pentium processor...would give me a little more speed. They could put the HPs on sale. The manager says they do that often. We'll see. Thanks!


  11. I second the other Karen's comment on the shiny screen vs the matte screen. I have the shiny on my newest Dell and wished it was the matte like my old Dell had.

    Glad the comments are working again, but it did *lose* all the comments that came in that I tried to approve. I think about 9 or 10 in all.

    Karen and Steve
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