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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weather Radio and an Answered Question

Awhile back there were several folks posting on their blogs about weather radios. Mike and I had talked about getting a weather radio but just put it on the backburner. We told ourselves we probably would never need it…after all we have our computer and TV to tell us what the weather is like. 


That all worked fine until we started reading about the tragedy in Arkansas where several campers lost their lives due to flash flooding. They had no warning and many couldn’t get out in time. Then there are the tornadoes.

I started reading about fellow RVers that had recently experienced tornado warnings in the campgrounds where they were staying and it started to get a little more personal. One couple in particular that comes to mind is Odel and Laurie ( in which they talk about their experiences with severe weather. They have really covered what to do in an emergency better than anyone I have ever read. Check out their post on June 25,2010 it says it all so much better than I could. DSC_2911

After reading about all these horrible tragedies and then those that had to evacuate their RVs for severe weather we decided we needed to go ahead and act on the purchase of the weather radio. We did some research and finally settled on the Midland 300. DSC_3323 The Midland 300 WR is an all hazards NOAA Weather Radio. The radio has an automatic alert system that is automatically activated with a loud tone in emergencies. You can set it for up to 60 different types of emergencies and it also has the S.A.M.E. technology. That means that you can set the emergency alerts for the county you are in and the surrounding counties if so desired. That helps to block out warnings that are not pertinent to your location. The radio also has 7 channels to choose from for the weather forecast for the area that you are in. You can listen to it at anytime. This radio is electric and also operates on 4 AA batteries. It is not the crank type radio, but if you keep good batteries, you don’t need the crank type weather radio.

Friday night our new weather radio alarm went off alerting us to severe thunderstorm warnings. When the weather radio started broadcasting, it warned us of strong gusty winds too, up to 60mph. Sure enough, it wasn’t but a very few minutes and that system was right on us. I realized I probably should set the system to incorporate each county that surrounds our location. That would have given us a little longer of a warning......trial and error on the best system to follow with the weather alarm system we purchased.

I am glad we bought it and now feel more informed on the possible emergencies around us.   


There were a couple of questions about the whereabouts of the freezer we bought. We purchased the FP630 Spacious EdgeStar Portable Refrigerator Freezer from Compact Appliance.


  1. Your new blog layout looks nice! Thanks for telling us about your weather radio. That's something that we don't have yet.

  2. That's a great idea! I'm going to tell the man about it. He loves gadgets, and that's a pretty important one.

    LOVE the bird pics, btw...especially how vibrant the last blue one is :)


  3. Smart move on getting the weather radio. It's a great thing to have especially for fulltimers like yourselves. Sounds like you've already got your first payback with that storm warning. Nice bird pics too!

  4. Donna said our new weather vradio gave it's first warning the other night, a tornado watch for our county, it sits in our kitchen when we are home will will go the the kitchen in the trailer when we leave, it is plenty loud since Sam is hearing impaired and sometimes leaves his hearing aids out. You made a good choice that is one of the better radio's, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. I'm very glad you got the weather radio. I think everyone should have one whether or not they travel.

    Love the Bluebird and Hummer pictures!

  6. We have the same radio and I really like having it! We keep it plugged into a DC outlet in the bedroom so it's always on and the internal batteries don't get used - even if the AC power goes out. I do need to remember to set the best available weather channel as we travel. Good investment!

  7. Thanks for the freezer info. I've added it to my "future" file. We love to cook and I have wondered about the freezer capacity in most Motor Homes.

  8. I wonder if the weather radio gives warning of tsunamis? On the Central California coast, this is the biggest threat I think, except for extremely high winds and rain. Would love to know the answer to this if you have it.

  9. Great reporting on your new radio. We are getting one too (like everyone else who read Laurie and Odel's post). It really makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing your brand and model type with everyone so we can make an informed choice.

  10. awesome post about the weather radio. We were terribly frightened twice with tornadoes on the Cdn prairies. Not a fun time. that radio would have been extremely helpful then! We always love your bird pictures!

  11. Thanks for the info on the weather radio; we had one but it never worked really well. Always better to be prepared.

  12. Note to myself - tell hubby tonight - Lets get a weather radio.


  13. Thanks for the information on your radio sure which we had had it a couple days ago when we were in North Platte NE. We apparently were on the edge of a storm and all of a sudden the wind, thunder & rain came up.

  14. Mike & Gerri,

    Sandy and I talked about your weather radio this morning. Our Eton weather radio conked out on us and I can not get it to work. So Sandy ordered one today from Thanks for doing the research for us.

    Great blog.

  15. Thank You for posting this Mike & Gerri! I hadn't even considered this even after being fulltime for a few years now. Weather is often on our minds though but we have just relied on the internet in the past. Obviously that isn't the best answer so I really appreciate this information. With the Arkasas tragedy and the really crazy weather we have been seeing lately all over, this has been on my mind a lot.

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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