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Saturday, July 24, 2010



Ok, my patience ran thin this weekend. Things were going very well. We were planning on another easy weekend…maybe even easier than last weekend. That is where I went wrong. I jinx things!!

Friday afternoon, rather late afternoon, as I was sitting in my recliner enjoying life I looked out the window to see a giant yellow school bus. Now some of you might not know this, but I am a retired teacher (yep, 35 years) and I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or hallucinating. Yep, it passed right by the window and it was indeed a giant yellow school bus full of kids. You heard me right FULL of kids. I counted every one of them as it passed by.

Not being sure of what it was doing in the campground, Mike and I watched as it rounded the curve in the inner circle of the campground. Going very slow…well how fast could you possibly drive a huge school bus through a narrow curvy road? DSC03527  

That’s when it happened. It stopped…stopped dead still right in front of our motor home. Now what? Does he need directions? Information? Directions to the group campground? Nope…none of the above. He began to slowly reverse “Big Yellow” right into the site next to us. DSC03532 DSC03534 

Out of that bus ran…. screaming and hollering, at least 25 small children ages 4 years to 14 most of which were boys. Now I am not a sexist….really I am not. I am just experienced with little boys and especially little boys in a campground. Oh no!! There goes the quiet, easy weekend. Right down the drain. How does the song go??At Risckys BBQ in Ft. Worth

                         THIS PIC IS FROM RISCKY’S BBQ IN FT. WORTH


One quick update; last night after all the campers were safely backed into their site of choice and it appeared everyone was settled, we went into Pine Mountain to eat. When we returned at approximately 10:00 all of our “little” campers were in their tents with lights out. Isn’t that nice? It must be that large man that looks like a coach….he has them under control. I WILL SURVIVE!! Thanks coach!!             DSC03533


“The man who doesn't relax and hoot a few hoots voluntarily, now and then, is in great danger of hooting hoots and standing on his head for the edification of the pathologist and  trained nurse, a little later on.” ~Elbert Hubbard                             Great Horned Owl (2)


  1. I am so laughing at you..and your reaction..and with you..been on both ends..the group leader of 29 teenagers....and the one who had to camp (we were in a tent then) next to a group of college kids...who nevaaaa evaaaaar slept!!

    It is a struggle to let those have fun...yet to obeying the rules.

    Love the hummingbird picture!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. In Gettysburg, we were also camped near several dozen kids and leaders and they also proved to be a very well run and quiet bunch.

    It is good to know that there are still kids like that around.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA, my heart would have definetly skipped a beat or two when that school bus backed into the next site. I'm glad they are a well controlled group but the weekend isn't overwith yet. Hopefully, their coach will tire them out today and you'll have a peaceful night.

    Your photographs are awesome by the way. Incredible in fact! :)

    Take care,

  4. Oh, that was SOOOOO FUNNY!!! Your post today cracked me up!! I taught school for 10 years, and just seeing a yellow bus full of kids gives me the field trip willies!! Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but not a school bus full of them wanting to be entertained.

    Hey, if they misbehave, you could always teach them some Science while you're out in the wilderness. Homework, anyone? That ought to do it!


  5. P.S. Your word verification is still on :) I guess you didn't teach the technology class! LOL!

  6. So how long are they staying? :) Screaming meemies during the day....but quiet peaceful kids at night. Sounds like you'll make it through the weekend just fine.

  7. Ohhhhhh, I would have been beside myself if that had been me but I do think I might have survived that one as well surprisingly enough. Both Kelly & I drove school bus years ago & I much preferred transporting little kids as opposed to teenagers. I'll take 25 kids camped next door anyday as opposed to 25 teenagers!!!! Yes, luckily that was a survivable situation.

  8. Nellie....nope I didn't teach the technology class in fact they threatened me whenever I got within 6 feet of the computer!! I have been known to wipe out a whole social studies class!!! :)
    I've come a long way baby!!!
    I'll check on the word verification thing!!


  9. Oh Gerri, I'd happily trade you the group of kids for the 2 that live below me, LOL! With mom gone all day at work (yes read single mom) and the 2 teenage boys having friends over while mom's's been h-e-!-! It's funny how the friends scatter like field mice when mom's on her way home. I don't know what you can use when they get out of hand but a good hammer on a 2x4 on the floor seems to work well here, LOL!

    ps. pray for rain, LOL!

  10. I think I would have had a stroke if that bus would have pulled up next to me! Glad they are well behaved.

    Love the Hummer and owl pictures! Keep them coming!

  11. What an amusing story! I am happy for you that the children were quiet at night. Their "coach" must know his stuff.

    Good quote!

  12. I feel your pain!! We camped at Canyon Lake in Texas when the whole Boy Scout tenting jamboree was going on across from us...and they didn't HAVE a "lights out" rule. I wanted to take their little pocket knives and slit my wrists..OR, steal their fishing line from their bamboo poles and sew their lips shut...Glad you were pleasantly surprises..We were just ..surprised.

  13. Yup! Seeing that big yellow bus full of kids would make the blood run cold alright! Sounds like they're under control anyway, so that's not so bad!

  14. enjoy your 'quiet' weekend..good luck with the bus load..the good news?..are they only there for the weekend!!??

  15. I can sympathize with you for sure! As much as I like to think that I just love kids, I don't want 25 of them camping right beside me! Glad lights were effectively out by 10 p.m. How early did the next day start though? You will survive!

  16. Hey let's think about this from INSIDE the you think any of them were scoping out the campground, seeing who might be their "targets" for the trip? I must admit, when I was young, traveling on a yellow bus, we were always looking for someone with that terrified look on their face. LOL Oh wait, that must have been the naughty kids on the bus, certainly not me...
    Love your pics and by the way, I taught for many years too so I can relate to that feeling.

  17. Love the Great Horned Owl! I was a principal of an Alternative School for 11 years, so I can appreciate your apprehension. If they were a bus load of Alternative kids, I'd suggest you have your fire extinguisher ready! Send them on a scavenger hunt! Maybe they'll get lost. :)

  18. Love the picture of all the red tents. How many adults were with them?

  19. uh....I think I would be thinking the same thing you did. Glad it worked out OK!

  20. Oh Boy that would have been a sight to see the Big Yellow coming into camp - glad it all worked out for you.

  21. What a gorgeous photo of the humming bird...good luck with the school bus.

  22. I think I would have fainted...or found myself running in the opposite direction. Glad it worked out for everyone.


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