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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cleaning the Roof

We are sitting here watching the clouds roll in ahead of Ida. The rains are scheduled to begin this evening. Georgia has had its fair share of the rain this fall and so now they are concerned about more flooding. We have several friends that are now at their winter “home” in Summerdale, Alabama and hope that they will remain safe. The good thing about living in an RV is you can avoid such weather conditions as hurricanes and tropical storms by simply leaving the area. This particular area of our country has been pounded in the last few years and we certainly have these folks in our prayers.

No grass to mow, no weeds to pick, no weed-eater to run but there is maintenance to perform on an RV. I decided today would be the day we begin cleaning the outside of our motorhome. I climbed up on the roof and began cleaning this area first. This is quite a job and usually takes about a couple of hours. We had to take the sunscreens off the front windows and pull in the awnings. Gerri’s job was to turn the water off and on and snake the hose up to me. What a stressful job for Gerri!! About two hours later the roof is nice and clean. Now since the rains are coming we will finish the rest of the coach after the rains.

An uneventful day but at least we have a clean roof!!

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  1. Good Morning Mike & Gerri... It is good to get a clean roof... We soooo need to do ours and the rest of the rig too. You are so right about living in a MH and outrunning bad weather... We outran a couple of hurricanes in Florida a few years ago... Better safe then sorry right? Have a great day and stay safe!



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