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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Direct TV

This weekend Pine Mountain Rv resort accommodated over 200 rv families for a fun filled extended weekend. They provided a free Thanksgiving dinner for all who wished to participate, had nighttime fires in their large fire pit and just had an all round great time for the campers. When Sunday came, we knew there would be a mass exodus from the campgrounds. Sure enough, the Hoover vacuum worked overtime sucking the campers out. Since it became dead in the course of a few hours, I thought I would take this time to share some information regarding our television service.

We decided to use direct tv for our television service. We have the Choice Extra plus HD / DVR. We had local stations included which gave us HD television for the national stations. We found that each time we moved we needed to call Direct TV and give them the zip code we were located in to get the national stations, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC. That seemed awkward and there were times when we talked to customer service, some of the staff could not make that transition of location for us. Getting frustrated, I searched further and found we could apply for something called Distant Network Service. In order for us to get Distant Network Service, we had to sign a waiver that stated we did not own a home and that our only home was an rv. There is an additional fee for this service of $14 a month. If you choose to pursue this service and want the stations in hi-def, you need to specifically request them. The process to get this complete takes a couple of weeks.
Once this is complete, no matter where you are in the continental states, you will get the national stations. You will have the opportunity to get them from the east or west coast. In fact, if you do not record a show that you miss, tune in to the west coast and see it later in the night.

We have been very happy with this transition, and for us it is worth the difference in cost.

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  1. Great post that will help a lot of RVer's. We have the "homeless service" too, and it is fantastic. The east/west network availability is a huge bonus for us. We do not have the HD service at this time as our TV is not HD. When we need a new one, we will upgrade to that service.

    A free Thanksgiving dinner? How great is that???


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