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Friday, November 27, 2009

Traditions... An Awesome Day

Words can’t express the thankfulness of spending quality time with your family and enjoying every second you spent together.
This year we had the awesome opportunity to spend our Thanksgiving Day together with our son Stephen. We went to Callaway Gardens Resort for our Thanksgiving meal. Each year they put out an incredible feast in the Plantation Room as well as the banquet ballroom. In the ballroom, they have a pianist playing during the meal. After we ate, we spent almost an hour just visiting with each other at the dinner table and enjoying the grand ambience of the area.
When we left the resort, we came back to our motorhome and just chillaxed. As the evening approached, we went back to Callaway Gardens as they open up there resort to a “”Fantasy in Lights” 7 mile drive thru with over 8 million lights and different musical themes throughout the drive. You can drive your car or you can ride in a trolly. They also have a large Christmas Village you can walk thru and have many different Christmas items for sale… many unusual items as well. We did not drive through the lights tonight, but will do so later. We just strolled through the Christmas Village and enjoyed all the sights of Christmas. What a wonderful way to spend the evening together and to kick off the holidays.
As I reflect on all the blessings we have, I am humbled by God’s mercy on me and on our family

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  1. Your day with Stephen sounded great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on being thankful, too.

    We haven't been to Callaway Gardens yet, but have been wanting to see it for quite a while. Maybe we'll get there soon.


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