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Friday, November 6, 2009

What's Up With This Feeling??

It really amazes me! We have only been full-timing for three months making one trip to Texas for a couple of months and now we are back where we started from in August. Apparently alot happened in that three months. We shed our old lives and took on a new life.....that of a full-timer. We have been to LaGrange several times this past week taking care of various forms of personal business. Each time we go there we feel strange, almost a cold and awkward feeling. When you go back to where you lived your former life, you feel like you should fit in. What we are discovering is we don't fit in, we are different. We no longer care about the things that used to matter....the material stuff we collected, the social graces of our community, the career climb and so on. It all seems superficial. Instead we find ourselves thinking about the lake at Hagerman and wondering if the birds have arrived. We wonder if anybody discovered where the Great Horned Owl relocated in the refuge. What about the coyotes? Are they still howling at the moon each evening? We wonder where some of the great folks we met might be "camping" this week. It is the simple things that truly matter.

We are different. We have discovered what it feels like to be free, really free. To open our door and to be out among nature and hear the birds, see wildlife and be out in God's creation. Our lives are simpler and we like it that way. We are happy and content.
We came back to spend the holiday with our only son, who is single. This is where our son lives and no longer our home.

Our home is wherever we are, wherever we travel to and whomever we are with.
We are fulltimers!


  1. Thanks for the heads up. We are thinking about making a quick trip to Virginia next spring and it too will probably be quite different.

    Great post!

  2. Sounds like you have adapted well... We love our life too and don't see us changing it for a very long time but we do enjoy our home base too... We usually go back home (at a RV park) every winter for at least 4 months but this year we are in Arkansas until January 3rd then off to Texas... Have fun and enjoy your time with your son.

    Travel Safe

  3. That post is AWESOME!!!!!

    We feel the same way!

    Well done!


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