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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stranded in Shreveport

There must be some sort of initiation that fulltimers must pass through that nobody told us about. Our first trip out has certainly made me want to go back to start over. The initiation began in Pine Mountain when Mike went to put up the day/night shade and it broke. Yep, it broke. I never put those shades down but for some dumb reason I put that small end shade down. Ok, that does happen because they are so easy to break. We got some velcro and pulled it back up, smiled and drove out of the campground. Somewhere along the interstate during this first trip out a rock was thrown back up to our windshield and we have what looks like a bullet shot on the passenger side. Ok, that is what insurance is for. We smiled and continued out journey. Saturday we left Vicksburg a little later than we should have so we crossed the Mississippi into Louisiana where we stopped for fuel at the Love's Truck Stop. While we were there we decided to go ahead and eat a bite of lunch. Mike got us a can coke from the refrigerator and accidentally closed the door but did not latch it. You know where this is going don't you?? The first turn we made the door flung open and of all things the cranberry juice fell out and poured all over the floor. I saw it running toward the living area carpet all nice and red. Mike pulled over and we both started trying to soak up as much as we could with the only two large towels we brought. It was awful. We both decided to return to Vicksburg as quickly as we could so we could park and try to salvage the rug. We went back to the campground where we had stayed the night before and took another site. We then spent the entire evening working on the carpet. By morning it did look better. We know it is there but I hardly doubt anybody else would. We also put a nice carpet runner down the center of our living area so the worse part is always covered. We didn't smile this time and we didn't continue on. We decided to stay the night and regroup. We both decided these sort of things happen to most fulltimers some time or other. We gave each other a pep talk and went to sleep. That brings us up to Sunday. We got up and both decided that this was another day. We were going to put all things behind us and move forward. We were doing so well, having such a nice trip until in Bossier City, Louisiana a kind gentleman and his wife honked at us and motioned for us to pull over. Panic!!!! We pulled over to the emergency lane where the gentleman got out of his car and informed us that our diesel was leaking. Yep, it was leaking alright. The Jeep was covered. We pulled off the interstate and parked the motorhome behind a 24 hour Exxon/truck station. We are in the gravel area. We worked to get the Jeep unhooked and cleaned up a little. We called Coach Net and because it is Sunday we couldn't do anything but wait until Monday. So here we sit in the Days Inn and our motorhome in the gravel truck lot behind the Exxon station. Now we wait to see what has happened. I went on the forum and most of the comments have been that we have a broken fuel line. Don't know what that means by way of time and money but we shall see tomorrow. In the meantime we are stranded in Shreveport. If this is our initiation I certainly hope we have passed and when we get back on the road things begin to get a little smoother. What a beginning!!!

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  1. What a beginning, indeed! Just imagine the campfire stories you're collecting. Some day you'll be laughing about all this. Really!

    Hope your repairs go smoothly and you're on the road again soon!


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