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Monday, September 21, 2009

What a difference a Day Makes

We got up early this morning so I could take some of our more important documents back to the motorhome. When I got there all was just as we left it Sunday. I got all things put up around 7;15 this morning and now we wait for a call from coach-net. Around 8:30 I received the call and they had arranged for us to be towed about 17 miles…ouch to the cost. I talked with 2 truck mechanics and described our problem and they each suggested I drive it to the shop instead of towing. Uncertain, but trusting their advice, I drove our coach to Shaffer’s Auto & Diesel repair. Whew, I made it safely while Gerri was the lead car. After explaining to the mechanic what happened, he agreed that it sounded like a loose connection or worn out hose. The search began, and he found 2 loose connections where the diesel was leaking. In fact, 1 was hardly connected. Whenever the fuel was pumped into the engine, it would just spew on the crankcase. The mechanic, Robert, tightened all the connections and then checked all the belts, hoses and oils for us. He really did a great job. His attention to detail and going the extra mile of service helped Gerri & me to drive out with confidence in our rig. We took it down the road to a place they suggested to have the engine and back of coach cleaned as it was covered with diesel, and it stank.
We were ready…. Time to go forward, our initiation to full timing hopefully over and we passed !
Since it was almost noon, we decided we did not want to go far since we were exhausted from the events of our beginning trip. Also, we did not sleep well in the hotel knowing our home and possessions were 2 miles down the road in an unfamiliar city. With our dogs, we could not stay in the coach as it was too hot. We headed to Texarkana where we stayed at Shady Pines Rv Park…. Wow how nice it is! We will probably stay here a couple of nights to rest and explore. It really is a nice RV park.
And now to rest!

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