Sometimes we look at sights in nature but don't really see. While hiking in the woods the other day, it became a realization that we need to open our heart and eyes to see the beauty of the simple things in nature with each season. There is so much order and purpose in His creation. God has given us awesome beauty in this world to see and enjoy... if we would but stop to see and feel it. Join us as this blog is about stopping to see the real beauty around touch and feel it... "Through the Lens".

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are at Hagerman Wildlife Refuge this evening. This refuge is located 75 miles north of Dallas, Texas on Lake Texoma. Hagerman is on the Texas side of the Red River near the town of Denison and not far from Sherman. The Red River is quite large and is the border between Oklahoma and Texas.
We left Texarkana this morning around 10:00 and probably took the longest route here but it was a good trip on good roads for once. This wildlife refuge is located in a remote area outside of Denison. Denison looks to be a mid-size town with most anything we might need including a Super Wal-Mart. We had to travel down some narrow two lane roads to get here. Our site is not anything to brag about. In fact, Mike had to park at an angle in order to get all of our 39 feet in the space. We are just off the main road that leads to the visitor’s center. The bad part of the main road is that it is small white crush and run gravel. I am sure the coach will be constantly dusty. The good part is that it is only a short walk to Lake Texoma. We will be working with one other workamping couple, Bill and Carol Powell. They are the experienced workampers here and we hope to learn from them. Mike and I love birds and this should prove to be a good place to be this fall as the birds begin their migration south. Mike is already getting his camera equipment ready.
We will be here until the first week in November. Kathy Whaley, the refuge manager was kind enough to allow us a week off from October 4th to October 11th in order to attend the RV Dreams rally in Kerrville, Texas. Tomorrow we should learn more about our duties here at Hagerman. Until then enjoy the first sunset over Lake Texoma

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