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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy, Busy

This has been a busy week. One of the reasons we returned to Pine Mountain when we did was to be able to complete some doctor’s appointments. So this week was THE week. It began Monday with some blood work for Mike and then on Tuesday I returned to the lady that used to cut my hair and had her cut and highlight it. This is a treat because she knows me and knows what I like so I could just sit back, close my eyes and relax. Nice! Whenever I get my hair cut on the road I always ask several people that have styles I like and then go to the person they suggest. You don’t really sit back and relax with someone you don’t know. I usually watch carefully at what they are doing. So far I have had great experiences. But hey, the worse that can happen is you wait for the “grow out.”

That brings us to Wednesday. That was the day that I went to the doctor for my thyroid and cholesterol check which includes blood work. Mike saw his doctor for the annual physical which includes blood work. Gee, we have really given blood this week.
Wednesday evening brought some really rough weather. It began with just some heavy rains and a little wind. Then it progressed into some small hail with strong winds. At one time the wind and rain along with the hail blew against our slide out windows so hard Mike and I both thought it would surely blow the windows out. I grabbed each of our little Shih Tzus off the sofa just in case there was blowing glass. We both were pretty shook by this time. The thunder and lightning continued with the rain for several more hours and then just the rain throughout the night. Wow, what a night.

Thursday took me to visit our dentist in LaGrange. Our dentist is also a long time friend so we spent quite awhile just talking and catching up. Then he took care of one of my back molars….not a big deal and it didn’t even need Novocain but I didn’t want to chance a problem while on the road. With that said, I know that at some time there probably will be a need for a doctor on the road. We haven’t had to deal with that as of yet but it probably will happen. The beauty of this lifestyle is there are so many people willing to help you whenever you have a problem…..all you have to do is ask.

Friday we are suppose to meet Gene and Judi Curp in Warm Springs for lunch and then tour the FDR Little White House. When we checked the weather it calls for about a 60 to 90 percent chance of rain with thunderstorms. We will make a decision by 9:00 in the morning. Worse case scenario, we will postpone the trip until Monday. We are so looking forward to meeting up with the Curps again and just having a great day together. So we will see what tomorrow brings……stay tuned.


  1. We've been doing some of the same types of things here in Tumwater the past 2 weeks...doctors and dentist appt. 50,000 mile check up I guess you could call it.

    Hope the weather lets up so you can meet your friends. Enjoy!

  2. Hey you guys. Happy Trials definitely rings a bell. Nice blog. You are having better "luck" in posting pics than I am having. Blogger cuts some of my photos off side to side.

    We started our full-time life on September 8, 2009. Now that is a coincidence.

    George & Sandy

  3. hello Mike and need to change the font colour so we can read your posts!! xray vision the new profile picture..where is that taken???

  4. Oh gee...Sue and Doug, all this time I thought you all were Superman and Superwoman, heehee! Actually, I did a post last night and all things were ok but this morning I noticed NO words just pictures. I, of course, went into a panic but once I calmed down I discovered the color on the font was changed. So now all things should be ok.

    The profile pic was taken at Magnolia Springs near Gulf Shores. It is a beautiful place...very quaint.


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