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Our Friends

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Friends

You meet the nicest people and make the most wonderful friends in this lifestyle. We did just that when we met Mike and Peggy Evringham this past winter at Rainbow Plantation. We were able to enjoy lots of fun times together playing around at the Plantation. Today they stopped by to visit us on their way back home to Maine. They pulled into Pine Mountain RV Resort around 4:45 and got settled into their site which is just behind our site. We went over for a short visit before picking them up for dinner. We wanted to give them a nickel tour of the area so we drove over to the Callaway Gardens Resort property. We didn’t enter the actual gardens but drove around to the new Conference Center and then over to the Plantation Inn. We then drove up on the mountain toward FDR State Park. We drove through the camping area of the state park. We then doubled back to the city of Pine Mountain and made our way to San Marcos for dinner.
We all enjoyed our meal and sat and talked for quite awhile at the restaurant but then decided to return to our motorhome where we could relax and visit a little longer. It wasn’t as if we were hungry….but I served each of us a bowl of ice cream for dessert. Now with birthday cake on Sunday, San Marcos and ice cream on Monday I know it is diet time. Did I say anything about how much Rvers love to eat?

Mike and Peggy will pull out in the morning and head toward their home state of Maine. They will leave behind many good friends but the beauty of this lifestyle is we are only saying “so long” and hope to see them again “down the road” very soon.
Thanks for coming our way Mike and Peggy and we wish you a very safe and uneventful journey back home.


  1. Hey guys... I am telling you it is a wonderful life we live... We are just so blessed! And we do meet wonderful people along the way. Have fun & travel safe!

  2. And the list keeps growing. It is a real blessing to meet people and be able to call them friends. Kind of like when we met you guys! :)


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