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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Good Day to Sleep

The last few days have been spent getting settled in our spot for a few weeks. We needed to take care of everyday type chores. I did the laundry Monday. I am so glad we have the washer/dryer in our rig. It doesn’t have the large capacity of a regular household washer and dryer but it is more convenient….. especially on cold and rainy days. I may have to do more loads but it all comes out in the wash…..oooh good one!

Today we finally got around to doing our grocery shopping. I typically do my “big” shopping at the beginning of the month after I have planned out my meals. That doesn’t mean we won’t go again to pick up items as needed but the bulk of the shopping is over. We have decided to get back into our “healthy” eating mode after spending two months eating large. That means grilled not fried items, lots of vegetables and what ever fruits I can find in season. Lots of water, cut way back on the diet soda, and walk, walk, walk. It’s a plan…now if only the weather will cooperate.

One of the reasons we came back as early as we did in March was to finish up a few doctor’s appointments. We will get that done next week. I also wanted to see my dentist about one of my back molars and take care of that and I will get that completed next Thursday. One of the things we are working toward is getting our doctor’s appointments scheduled while we are wintering at Rainbow Plantation each year. That is going to mean locating new doctors. I know we could continue with our current doctors and just arrange appointments when we are visiting our son but being young and mobile with his company we don’t expect him to always be in this area. We certainly don’t want to move doctors each time he moves with his career so we have decided to make Rainbow Plantation our winter destination.

We are also looking forward to meeting up with our good friends Gene and Judi Curp. They are visiting family in the Macon area and plan to visit the Little White House in Warm Springs and we will meet up with them there. We plan to eat lunch together and then proceed to the Little White House. That will be lots of fun and it will be great seeing the Curps again.

Tonight is going to be another frigid evening with temps going down to about 27 degrees. We will be disconnecting the water hose….. yet again. Even the dogs have grown weary of not being able to get outside to play. It will be so nice when this cold weather decides to go away and spring peeks around the corner. We can’t wait.


  1. such a rough life your "fur children"..lead..and yes I can see the doctor/dentist problem being an issue!!

  2. Doctors can be a problem. We chose to keep all of our doctors here in the Tumwater area and return to see them twice a year. We've timed it to coincide with the Grands birthdays, so it has worked out well. The birthdays are exactly 6 months apart (within 5 days) so it works great.

    Gerri....I'm in total agreement with you on the W/D subject. I love our small combo unit and would never be without one ever again.

    Have fun! Hope it warms up for the pups, and you.


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