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Monday, March 1, 2010

Reflections of Rainbow Plantation

Saturday night Darrell & Judy invited us over to their rig for dinner and fellowship. Randy & Terry, Mike & Peggy were there too. We had the joy of getting to know these fine folks in a special way. We visited a while and then had a grand dinner. Afterwards we just sat around, talked and laughed til we hurt. It was truly a grand time with such great friends. How blessed we are to have friends like these. Words can't do justice to how we feel about these friends.

Sunday was travel day!! We actually got up early in order to get everything packed and stowed safely. It has been an awesome adventure being at Rainbow Plantation for the last two months. We have met some of the nicest people and look forward to returning next winter for more fun, food and fellowship. Full-timers are just the best.

We finally got on the road around 10:00. Sunshine followed us all the way to our spot at Pine Mountain RV Resort. It was a beautiful day for travel and the trip was the best kind….uneventful. It took us about 5 hours with a short stop for lunch at a rest stop and then a little diesel fuel just before the Georgia line.

To say I am in culture shock today is an understatement. This is not a new to us campground, we stay here when we come to visit our son in LaGrange, but when I got up this morning and looked out the big front window and saw all the empty campsites it was a shocker.

We are aware of the lack of campers in this campground but for the last two months we have been surrounded by fellow Rvers. Folks walking by and stopping to chat. I just know there will not be a 4:00 social today and I can just forget the Sunday ice cream social and worse yet I will have to cook on Tuesday and Thursday evenings now. I wonder if there is a craft class being taught sometime this week, line dancing or music??? No, I bet not. Man, what a shock to the system.

We had a hard time getting the rig level on our site. We were a little tired when we arrived so we just let it be as it was until this morning. We worked a little on it and now it is finally level. As we were hooking and setting things up Mike could not get the cradlepoint router to reconnect after the power being off so he had to go online to “chat” with a rep from cradlepoint. He had some problems with his password and even though we were putting in the correct password it wouldn’t take it. The rep finally had to have Mike do another password. We feel pretty sure this has cleared things up. Mike has turned the cradlepoint off and on several times and we are able to get it connected each time. Oh the joy of technology!!!

I want to say a huge “thank you” to several people that Mike and I have had the joy of getting to know during our time at Rainbow Plantation. These people have become very special friends and for that we feel so blessed. You just won’t find finer people than Don and Gloria Martin and Norm and Linda Payne. They reached out to us “newbies” and shared their knowledge and stories of this lifestyle. We look forward to more wonderful times together. We met Gene and Judi Curp upon arrival at the Plantation and we shared many meals and a few “explorations” with them. Although we were together a short time we feel like we’ve known Gene and Judi for a long, long time. Thanks guys. Shortly after arriving we met Glenn and Sylvia Avery and what fun they are!! We sat together at almost every meal at the clubhouse. Then along came Darrell and Judy Patterson, Randy and Terry Guiler and Mike and Peggy Evringham. Wow! What can I say? We are like family. The best part is, we are looking forward to meeting up together in Maine this summer for a “Main Event.” We love you guys and miss you already and are looking forward to our next big adventure. Until then…travel safely and enjoy the journey.

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  1. What wonderful memories you have carried away with you after your 2 months at Rainbow. How long will be staying at your present location? And where will you go when you leave there?


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