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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Camping Weekend

At first I thought I was having writer’s block but then I realized nope I wasn’t….there just isn’t a whole lot to write about.DSC_2968 DSC_2969 DSC_2971 Another camping weekend has ended and once again this was a great group of campers. The campground was about 75% full which was pretty good considering it was one of the hottest weekends yet. The temperatures hovered around 90 to 95 degrees with a heat index just over 100 most of the weekend with humidity high…. very high. Not a great weekend for tent camping but we had several doing the tent thing this weekend. Mike also assisted a few campers with their electric hookups. We had a couple of sites where the breakers kept tripping. Seems like there was a lot of electrical pull from AC use.  Most sites are 30 amp with a few 50 amps. These were 30 amp sites and with only one air conditioner they should have been ok. We couldn’t find anything wrong so we reported this to the maintenance department. I assume all things turned out ok because we never heard anything else. We sold lots of ice this weekend and believe it or not several bundles of wood. It seems when kids go camping they MUST have a fire and roast marshmallows or make S’mores. It is tradition!!

We had a pleasant encounter with an old friend this weekend. We saw a couple pull their travel trailer into a site behind us and thought, from a distance, they looked familiar but didn’t think any more about it. Come to find out it was Joe and Beth Cafaro, formerly from LaGrange. He is a professor of history at LaGrange College and long time friends of our family. A great couple. Since we were working and they were enjoying the weekend we never were able to get together for very long and I never got a picture. It was great to see them, especially out camping.DSC_2986 DSC_2974 We went to LaGrange this afternoon to do a little mid-month shopping at Wal-Mart and to pick up my prescriptions. While we were there we met Stephen for a coke at McDonalds. It is always good to see him. He drove down yesterday and we had a late lunch at San Marcos together.

On a more somber note….please keep the families that were injured or killed in Arkansas in your thoughts and prayers. What a horrible tragedy this was. This is a huge reminder of how quickly disaster can strike and how each of us needs to be keenly aware of our surroundings at all times. One thing Mike and I have not purchased YET is a weather radio than runs on batteries. We know we need one but just haven’t gotten around to purchasing it yet. Now I think we will. We want it to be battery operated because in inclement weather you most likely will lose power. Along with the weather radio you need to have the NOAA codes for the area you are currently in. This will narrow down the weather to your area . So much has been written on staying safe in this lifestyle and this tragedy brings a lot of this real close to home. Again, please keep these families in your prayers.

I wasn’t kidding when I said there wasn’t much going on. It has been too hot to get out and do much so we have pretty much just been chillin in our recliners. I hope we haven’t bored you too badly but there are weekends that are pretty uneventful even when full-timing. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Hey guys..your life is never boring to us.This is exactly what we would love to do..maybe 5-6 yrs from now..anyhow about the radio.
    Karen on her Rv blog mentioned using a Oregon Scientific Portable radio. It runs on electricity or 2 AA batteries. She lives in GA and says Home Depot or Lowes carries them. She reported no good luck with the Radio Shack one..I agree with her there!

    Good luck..Cindy and Walker

  2. What seems boring to you is not boring to me when I am reading your blog. I hope that's true of my blog, too. Keep on blogging, and I'll keep on reading!

  3. a picture or rather a few pictures are worth a thousand words..looks like you had a nice quiet weekend..nothing wrong with the way..being a camphost?..does this mean you stay for free or is there a pay cheque??

  4. Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. The tragedy down in AR really makes you think. We have a weather radio that we never use at home. We just tested it and are ready to use it in our RV!

  5. I love your pictures. You sure have a scenic spot. Maybe why that was the reason you all were 75% full. It is hot here too but probably not as hot as where you guys are. Take care.

  6. Beautiful pics today. We agree with you about the weather radio. We have a built-in one in our RV dash radio, but I want a battery/hand held model now too. We can take one like that out with us when we just take the car for sightseeing.

    Sorry your having problems with your hand or wrist. Wearing a brace is no fun and it makes typing more of a challenge. Take care!

  7. Love the pictures. Life can't always be full of excitement, but it sounds like you're still enjoying it! Thanks for the reminder on the weather radio. We have one, but I can't even tell you where it is or if the batteries are any good. And having the NOAA codes handy is a very good idea. Always learning something! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Guys - Great post! See - there is always something worth writing about. We have a Oregon Scientific Weather Radio for exactly the reason you are contemplating. Ours runs off AC or DC or internal batteries. We keep it plugged into DC when in the rig. Hope it cools down a bit for you.

  9. The DC and battery model sounds like a good idea, chances of your coach batteries going daed that fats are slim and you still have a drycell back up.We also enjoy reading about your work camping and are never bored.Keep up the great pictures. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  10. We, also, have the Oregon Scientific Weather Radio that runs on AC as well as batteries. However, we don't use it anymore as it was very annoying during the night. You have to program it for the county you're in or else you keep getting notices from a really wide area. We've found that keeping an eye on the TV takes care of the weather in most places where we stay, however, if we were in a remote area with no TV coverage, we would use the weather radio. Nice Pics, keep 'em coming.

  11. Yup.. your pics look peaceful and relaxing... especially on a hot day. I can imagine the coolness under the pines, and the smell, and the thick bed of needles. Gee, makes me wanna go camping! (heading out this weekend again)

    Karen and Steve


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