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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Few Questions Answered

I want to start with addressing a few questions we have had regarding workamping. Randy ( asked us if we had any not so good experiences at a workamping position. First, we aren’t coming from a multitude of experiences but we are happy to answer “no.” As with everything there are positives and negatives. The wildlife refuges have greater funding so we found ourselves with more to work with. Being told “if you all need anything just let us know” was a huge clue. We were given a Dodge Dakota to use and it was not a base truck…..fully loaded. The people are wonderful to work with and so helpful. They also take you in and you feel so much a part of that refuge. You learn soooo much….it is an awesome learning experience. Because it is a habitat it is all about the animals. This is not a camping experience but an animal experience. The downside at this particular NWR was it did not provide the greatest sites for their volunteers. We were sitting on the side of the road with another volunteer. It was a back in site and the front of our motorhome was literally on the road so Mike had to work the motorhome at an angle so we had some room in front of us. They had redone the roads just before we arrived and it was this nice fine white powdery crush and run type stuff. Anytime a car went by dust would just fly. For me, definitely a negative. I was ready to leave early on but after a week and falling in love with the habitat and the people there I was hooked. The upside…….this refuge is undergoing a total renovation and it will have a new Information Center, office area and yes, yes, a volunteer village that is off the road and in a place behind the office and facing the big Lake Texoma. It should be great when finished.

Our current camp host position is awesome. It gives us the opportunity to camp in a really natural setting…the “it” factor, with full hook-ups and during week days this place is pretty much ours. What a wonderful backyard complete with a lake!! We see a big difference in the amount of funding. Our equipment is rather old but still working…somewhat. Mike usually borrows from the maintenance department whenever he wants to do his weed projects. Our blower (which we used here 3 years ago) is held together with duck tape. It blows but not so well. Because of a reduction in staff we don’t see the Park Rangers very often. We have their numbers in our cell phones and can call if we need anything. They do drive through a few times a day and that’s it. The downside is we “live” here. So you are kinda on duty whenever you are home. We have a light that is turned on facing the “Campground Host” sign and we turn it off at 10:00p.m. With that said….there are very few folks camping during the weekdays and on weekends the campers are pretty nice and get all their questions/shopping done way before 10:00. That’s not to say we have never had a late question or camper trying to find a spot. We basically work Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturday. We have a list of host duties and when we complete that we are free. The requirements here are pretty simple. Nellie ( made a comment about cleaning bathrooms. Nellie we don’t clean bathrooms. I agree with you, I am not going to do that either. We do check the bathrooms for paper products. If any are needed we have a key to the storage room and can replenish. We DO NOT clean the bathrooms the maintenance department is responsible for that.

So there you have the answers to a few questions that have been asked recently. I would highly recommend either of these workamping positions to our RVing friends. They are both great in different ways. No regrets.

I haven’t mentioned by name all of our new “friends” that have decided to follow our blog but I am always humbled by those that have decided to follow our journey. Thank you. I would also like to point out that if you click on the picture it will take you to that person’s information and perhaps their blog/journal if they write one. We welcome your comments, questions or e-mails.


  1. Thanks for answering the questions about camp hosting. The more information we can share, the better equipped we will all be. We may never work as camp hosts, but even so, it helps us understand more about the camp hosts we meet.

  2. As with any job there are usually good things and not so good things. It is just looking at the big picture and often it is not about the money but the experience. You appear to have the right attitudes.

    And I am so with you on the cleaning the bathroom chores. EEEW! No thanks.

  3. Hi HappyTrails. Thank you for following A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. I really appreciate your interest! We are winding up for a really busy summer here at Morro Strand State Beach. It will be Friday and Saturday everyday! (But we have three days on and then three days off. There is another camp host couple working here also. We alternate duty.) Your assignment sounds great.

  4. Great post! Lots of good info. Sounds like the kind of place we'd like if we ever workamp. Very generous of you to post our link too! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing some of your experiences. Each one is different. We are hoping to do some volunteering at some of the wildlife refuges in the future, just don't know where or when.

  6. Glad to hear you don't have to clean the bathrooms! I used to work at a pizza joint when I was 16, and they told us to just use the mop on the toilet seats after we mopped the floors. Now that I'm older, I'm horrified!

    Not sure why I brought that story up, now that I'm thinking about it. It doesn't relate to work camping at all :) Since you know how random I am, you shouldn't be surprised! LOL!


  7. Thanks for sharing with us some of the details on your camphosting duties. So many of our parks, nature preserves and historical places of interest could never function without volunteers. Thanks so much for doing what you do.

    Karen and Steve
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