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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Storm of a Weekend

Well I must confess this has been one of those weekends where I was soooo glad to see the giant Hoover come to the campground and vacuum the folks out. First, the office told us this would be a slow weekend with few campers. Not so…our section has been full. There have been a few sites down by the lake vacant…go figure that one. It isn’t the numbers so much as the make up of people. This has been a group that just kinda looks at you and their face says…”who me???” I’m not sure why we think there should be rules in a campground….do you? Just to add a little interest to things Friday evening around 5:15 the power went out. We were having lots of very loud thunder with wicked sky to ground lightning with just a small amount of wind. It was about that time we heard the loudest boom and knew something was hit. Apparently several trees were struck including one up on the mountain which took down a power line. We also had a tree hit in one of our group areas near the lake.  DSC_3100 DSC_3106

The lightning split this  tree right down the middle and shot pieces of the wood for up to 120 feet. DSC_3101 You can see in one of the pics where the wood was burned by the lightning. DSC_3112

Luckily we were not without power for very long since it was indeed a pretty hot day. After the storm went through the area, it actually cooled things off a bit. With less humidity it is at least bearable.

Mike had to make several “quiet” time laps through the campground after 10:00. This is a part of the job we don’t particularly like. It is not our nature to be patrol officers. Tonight we had several campsites that were being a little too loud. They were playing a game and having a good time and I honestly don’t think folks realize how their voices travel throughout the campground. When Mike reminded them of the hours for quiet time they settled down. We did have one mom that wanted to give her 3 year old a bath in the sink in the laundry room. He was NOT happy and screaming his head off. Sheeesh!

Saturday the folks that run the Trading Post sponsored a kids “fun” morning at 10:00. They had some crafts and the big red fire truck showed up once again to help make it rain. Like we needed some help after Friday evening!! The kids enjoyed themselves as well as the parents. It was a nice morning! We also had a family of 5 come in to tent camp that had never been camping before. It was such a joy to watch them ride their bikes, roast marshmallows and just enjoy being together as a family. The dad said they all had a great time and he was such a gracious guest as well as very complimentary.

The afternoon saw many folks making their way to the Liberty Bell pool. This is a natural spring fed pool that was built for FDR. The bottom of the pool is made of natural smooth rock. Quite unique and something many folks come to enjoy. Saturday was a good day for swimming to cool off.

It is now very quiet and peaceful in the campground. We have about 9 campers left in our area. DSC03424  DSC03422 It managed to cool off and again the humidity is fairly low so we are outside on the patio enjoying the evening. Mike has decided to build a fire just so we can enjoy the wonderful campfire smell and the snap crackle pop of a fire. DSC03427 I know we MUST be crazy! But it is nice and we aren’t sitting real close. What can I say….we love camping.

We hope you had a great weekend and did whatever makes you smile! Thanks so much for dropping by to visit our blog and read a little about our adventures as campground host. : )


  1. You have a lot of great stories here. Some are funny, too. I'm glad you got through the weekend unscathed. Those were some amazing pics of that tree after the lightening strike. Glad everyone was OK.

  2. I love the "giant Hoover" term! We had a full house this weekend and I spent the morning watching them all be sucked out too! :) It's so nice to return to the peace and quiet. I know I'm probably not supposed to feel that way. If it wasn't busy we wouldn't have jobs. I have to admit, though, I am really dreading the upcoming weekend. Like you, we don't care for the security rounds of our job either. I'm so thankful when it's quiet and I can just return home. Enjoy your week before the crowds come rollin' in!

  3. I really enjoy hearing about your camp hosting. It's helpful to be able to read about the bad as well as the good parts. It is sooo hard to make people follow rules when they don't think the rules apply to them. It sounds like you two handle it well. And now you will enjoy a bit of peace before the "big" weekend!;)

  4. nice post today!!!..thanks for sharing your experiences as camphosts..we would be good bed early and nice and quiet!!! room for us????..its a bit of a drive though???

  5. Oh boy! I'm scared of getting in trouble. Nice as you guys are and look, I'd probably run and hide under the RV if you told me we were making too much noise. Guess I never saw it from the "authority figure's" perspective. Hmmmm...something to think about.


  6. Interesting times there in Georgia! I would have been really glad those trees that got hit weren't right next to my rig! Keep enjoying the good life ... remember ... you deserve it!

  7. a little too much excitement at the old camp eh?

  8. Looks like you made it though and it looks to me like you guys are doing a great job as hosts, Donna & I really enjoy reading about your experiences since we would like to try that when we get out, Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  9. Rest up this week, it's going to be a busy week-end! I enjoy hearing about your work camping experiences and duties.

  10. This weekend was just the dress rehearsal for the 4th. Good luck on Friday night! :)

  11. I like it when everyone leaves on Sundays and it's quiet. This coming weekend will be a total zoo. People seem to go crazy on holiday weekends. Rest up and take care!

  12. This is what "camping" is all about. Time to relax and just enjoy life.

  13. Whew... lucky that lightening strike was far away and didn't start a fire!

    Dontcha just love a quiet campground after everyone leaves???

    Karen and Steve
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