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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So How Did We Get Here ?

So how did we get here?? Several folks have asked us this question and it is a good one. There is no one set way of obtaining a workamping position, but I will tell you how we came about this one.

I believe all states have a park website. Georgia has and when you go there you will see a link on the left side that says “volunteer” and when you click on this link you will see “hosting opportunities.” When you click on this link it takes you to a page where you can choose what type of hosting opportunities you are interested in. We were interested in “campground” and so at this point you will be able to select a time for hosting and the park you might be interested in. When you choose your park it will give you an idea of what is available and when. If you find a park you might be interested in you click on “apply” begin the application process.

Initially we knew the District Park Ranger for this area and so on our first volunteer camp host position at FDR we contacted him personally. I had taught his son a few years prior and we knew the family well. The only reason we went through him at this point is because we both were still working and would only be able to work evenings and weekends. This was approved by Ronnie. We still had to go through the application process. Once you apply on line for the camp host position I would highly recommend contacting the Park Ranger in charge and at least have a phone conversation letting him/her know of your interest and that you have applied and your application is on file. If you are in the area you could also stop by and introduce yourself to the person in charge.

I can’t speak for every state but in Georgia we receive no monetary pay but are given a full hookup site for our time volunteering. We also have free use of the laundry but the machines are very very old, so I still choose to use my own washer/dryer. In the past we have been given a free 5 day pass to camp in any state park in Georgia. With the budget cuts we are not sure that is still in effect. Only time will tell. You are supposed to receive a free shirt and hat but we haven’t seen that this time.

Why do we volunteer for no pay? Well actually we do benefit financially by doing this volunteer position. We budget $650.00 per month for campground fees so in essence we are receiving this amount each month we are here. We also budget for diesel fuel and since the motorhome isn’t moving we can roll that money into our budget also. So now we have areas in our budget that have received additional money while we volunteer. By doing this we are able to give back to an area that, in these economic times, need as much volunteer help as they can get. Many of our nation’s state campgrounds are having to close due to current economic troubles and it is just one way we can give back. It puts us in a beautiful area where we can hike, fish, put our Sea Eagle in some water, do a little photography and stay physically active and in contact with great people. It is truly a win-win situation.

We also joined Workamper. You can go to their website and surf around to discover all they offer. We have placed our resume on this site and have had many calls regarding workamper jobs. There is a fee to join this group but it is an excellent resource if you are interested in workamping.

We have also volunteered at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. This was a great volunteer position and the people with the NWR are just super to work with. Their budget is a little better and therefore you have more to work with.

I will include a few other web sites that can be used in looking for a volunteer and /or a pay position. If I leave something out please feel free to send a comment and let us know.
I am sure there are many others. Hope this helps…..


  1. Thanks for the explanation, Gerri. It's interesting to find out how you went about getting the camp hosting position. It's great that you can help out FDR State Park for a few months! I hope you eventually get the tshirts. LOL!

  2. Thanks, Gerri, for the details on how you got this job. It will help others to know how the workamping/volunteering jobs operate. I think you guys have a great spot there in FDR. Have fun.

  3. Great post! Lots of good info! Have you ever had a bad experience volunteering? Or learned something that made you decide not to go back and volunteer at a place again?

  4. thanks for all the information!!..good for you for volunteering!!!...a free stay for some worktime is not a bad 'gig'

  5. I have found National Wildlife Refuges the best at fitting my talents to their needs. It's such interesting "work"! I always learn something new when I volunteer at refuges. :)

  6. Thank you!! The information will be very useful!!

    Cindy and Walker

  7. Thanks for the info we will put that in our file of things to know..

  8. Great info! I think it would be long I didn't have to clean the toilets. I wouldn't like doing it, and the RVers wouldn't like the results :)


  9. Good information. Thanks for posting.

  10. Wonderful information! Thanks for posting it. We hope to join your ranks in 2 years, 11 months and 4 days (but who's counting, huh?)

    Karen and Steve
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