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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Battle of Franklin…The Carter House

We decided to take a little R & R after all the medical test Mike went through this past week.  His visit with the doctor resulted in his going through some “lets eliminate this possibility” tests.  So Wednesday he undertook a Nuclear Stress Test along with an Eco cardiogram.  This along with several vials of blood and an EKG kept us busy.  We are hopeful that these test will show that Mike indeed has a heart!!  We also are hopeful that if anything stood out they would have flagged us back immediately.  With this in mind we are going on the “no news is good news” concept until we hear the exact results.
We headed north.  If only, if only….we could head far enough north to escape the heat that has its tight grip on the south.   A trip of this length is not in the cards for us at this time.  Perhaps next summer we can head for cooler temps.
Saturday we decided to explore The Carter House in Franklin, Tennessee.  The Carter house was owned by Fountain Branch Carter and his wife Mary.  They began their life in this home in 1830 and went on to have 12 children of which only 7 survived.  He farmed his 288 acres producing corn, wheat and hogs.  He also ran a cotton gin and with this he became a very wealthy man with a net worth of over $62,000  ($1.6 million in today’s terms).  Awww….life was good!
Our tour guide wanted to tell the story of the Battle of Franklin through the eyes of how the Civil War impacted this one family.  All was good…. Until the beginning of the Civil War but at that time few thought the war would last more than a few months and it was miles and miles away from the home of Fountain Branch and his family.  But this war transcended those miles when his three sons decided to join the Confederate Army and his four girls and himself stayed loyal to the Federals…..thus dividing the Carter family. 
The war came to Franklin, Tennessee on November 30, 1864 at 4 p.m. and lasted a horrible five hours with the Carter House being in the middle of the battlefield.
When the fighting ended 10,000 were killed, wounded or missing.  One including Tod Carter who was shot nine times and died two days later.  It is hard to say what Fountain Branch’s worth was after the war but he lost everything he owned except for his house and 19 acres.  On that eventful evening of November 30, 1864 the small community of Franklin, Tennessee was changed forever.   This link will take you to information on the entire Battle of Franklin including the Carter House.
History is an awesome thing.  It can teach us of our past and help us shape our future.


  1. hope you get the test results soon..but in the mean time you seemed to keep yourselves busy!..great historic visit!!

  2. Thank you for the good tour and excellent pictures. I agree, no news is good news!

  3. At least all these tests are ruling out possilibilies. Hopefully, soon you will have the answer. My dad is going thru the same thing..MRI, Myelogram, body scan, etc. to find the source of his hip pain.
    Maybe some answers will come this week.
    In the meantime, seems you had an interesting history lesson in Franklin. Blessings,K

  4. Great to see you back taking a trip or two and back at blogging! Hopefully we can meet up again soon. In the meantime - you two have a great summer!

  5. Thanks for the history lesson. Pictures just great as usual. I went through similar test of my ticker about three weeks ago. Have also taken the position that no news is good news.

  6. I obviously haven't been paying attention. I didn't realize you were having these tests in Nashville. We are about 35 miles north of Nashville and soon will be heading to Michigan. Hope all the tests come out fine.

  7. Just a note... when my husband had blockage that was really bad they called him the same afternoon as the test so I'm thinking it's good news for Mike.

    Second I love History of our nation and especially the Civil War. This was excellent and so were the photos. Thanks

    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. Great tour you took us on. Keep up the great positive attitude! :)

  9. Thanks for the great tour and pictures of that historic Civil War site. It's amazing to still see all the bullet holes in the walls after all this time.

    I agree - no news is good news on the medical front.

  10. I LOVE anything history....Thanks for the lesson..Dennis has to have Nuclear Stress tests and is on Simvistatin..It's always nice to have a Cardiologist on your team...

  11. Good tour. Been through those tests, hoping the results are all good news!

  12. Keep up the history lessons. Hated history in high school and now that I'm old, I really am enjoying learning all this stuff. Good luck with the tests. When Jim had his heart tests done a few years ago, there was no waiting for the results. We knew that same day that there were problems and surgery was scheduled for two days later. So definitely - no news is good news.


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