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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Bird Kind of a Day


Yesterday Mike and I took a trip about 40 miles northeast of LaGrange to Peachtree City, Georgia.  Our mission was to visit Wild Birds Unlimited.


We discovered our first WBU in Columbus, Georgia several years ago but that store has since closed.  If you love birding, which Mike and I really do, you would love browsing around in one of their stores.  There are over 277 of these franchise stores located throughout North America. You can visit their website at   The owners are certified birding specialist able to give advice on diet, habitat and most anything pertaining to wild birds. 

Our trip today was to purchase food for our backyard birds.  We have actually found that this food is no more expensive than the food we used to purchase at Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply since it is pure with very little to no filler added.  It goes much further and the birds really, really like it.  We tend to feed the Supreme food, shelled peanuts, premium sunflower seeds (black oil), Cranberry seed cylinder and Supreme with nuts seed cylinder and Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter.




We have purchased our pole systems and all our feeders/houses from them.  Three of our feeders are made from Eco Tough material which won’t crack, fade or rot and comes with a lifetime  guarantee.  Needless to say these cost a bit more so we only have three at this time.



We have recently started experimenting with the seed cylinders and really like them.  They last a lot longer and the birds love them.  We have also added, last year, Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter to our feeding lineup.     DSC_4794Smells a lot like peanut butter (no, I haven’t tried any) and you spread it on the bark of a tree, piece of wood or anything it will stick to.  We have found all our birds love it but especially the woodpeckers.


We currently have a nest of baby wrens in one of our houses.  Boy are they busy going in and out, and the little ones are beginning to chirp quite loudly.    DSC_4835Soon we will get to see them emerge and fly off to begin their life.  We still have several Cardinals but not as many as earlier in the season.  Blue Jays are coming around, mockingbirds, Titmouse, Chickadees, Wrens, Purple Finches, Mourning Doves and our host of Woodpeckers.





It was a great day for us and we hope you have a truly wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you happy and brings a smile to your face!! 


  1. If you feed them, they will come. I think I wrote that before.

    We have a Wild Bird store in town and the people are very nice and knowledgeable. I find hulled sunflowers seed popular with a lot of birds and they don't leave the seed mess on the deck.

  2. I have seen these stores all over the country. We surely will stop in one.

    I will need to post under anonymous on some blogs for it to go through.


  3. Beautiful pictures. Are you fighting off the squirrels like some bloggers are?

  4. This post is copied from our email:
    I tried to post on your Blog......couldn't get it to take even after signing in to Goggle 3 times. Don't know what the deal is, but enjoyed your birds and feeders....I bet those birds are fun to watch....
    Thanks so much for your faithful comments on my Blog... It means a lot to me....

    Mike and Pat McFall
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    Mike and Pat's Adventures
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  5. Beautiful bird pictures. I haven't seen one of those stores, but will keep my eyes open for it. Stay safe.

  6. Ok, you convinced me, everyone else at the RV park has a feeder, I'm going to pick one up today! The park is full of every bird you can imagine in Wisconsin this time of year, we are on the Mississippi so we see eagles and such too on a daily basis. The is an old industrial building across from us that is just humming with nested life.
    Will set up the feeder tonight and takes some pics, with all the birds around the feeders next door, it won't take long!

    Full Time Road Warriors

  7. I enjoyed seeing all your bird photos. I wonder if the bark butter attracts raccoons? I gave up bird feeding several years ago, not because of squirrels but because of raccoons. They are so mean and I was afraid for my dog's safety. I miss feeding the birds, though.

  8. looks like a 'birder's paradise in your backyard!'..enjoy all the comings and goings!!

  9. I love those little squeaking sounds coming out of a Wrens house when the kids are getting all growed up:))

  10. Sitting on your deck must be like a vacation every day! You never know what you're going to see. :) Love that you're doing so well. Big hugs to you!!

  11. Our world is also revolving around our bird feeders right now, they are so enjoyable. We also seem to be ahead in the squirrel antics. Thanks for your bird notes!

  12. Wonderful post with excellent pictures and information. I had not heard of this store before, my guess is that it is not in our area. I will have to take a look at their website. Thanks for telling us about it, I will also be keeping an eye out for the “WBU” in our travels. This is a store that even I would like to visit.



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