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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blue Jay Wars

Mike and I love birding!  We don’t boast of knowing a lot about it but we surely do enjoy feeding and watching them at our feeders.  With that said….we don’t believe all birds are as enjoyable as others.  Some birds are just downright mean and pushy.  One such bird is the Blue Jay. 
The Blue Jay is quite large as compared to the majority of the birds at our feeders.  They are approximately 12 inches long and are a bright blue in color.  They are indeed very pretty birds.  In watching them we have discovered that they are fairly intelligent birds knowing just how to scatter the little ones whenever they want to dine at the feeders.  They will let out loud screams which scare those little fellows leaving the feeders empty for their dinning pleasure.  They are also pretty good problem solvers and excellent in communicating.
They are also particular about their food….at our feeders anyway.  They have a tendency to eat and toss, eat and toss.  It just drives us crazy to see that expensive seed being tossed to the ground.  That wouldn’t be so bad if we had a lot of ground feeders but alas we don’t have a lot of those.  So they have become the best friends to our squirrels.  The squirrels hang around on the ground waiting for seed to be tossed to them. 
I remember reading recently how Al (Bayfield Bunch)  was battling the raccoons as well as squirrels at his feeders.  Al is very creative and I hope he is winning the battle but I think we might be loosing our battle here in Georgia.  Good luck Al!!!!
I know many of you have recently read of the tragic mishap experience by Ed and Marilyn Dray (Happy Wanderers).  They lost their beautiful Mobile Suites to a fire this past weekend.  They lost everything.  Please keep this wonderful couple in your prayers at this time.  Ed posted yesterday describing what happened so you can read about it on their blog at (


  1. Yup, seems like lots of folks are having issues with our animal neighbors:) We just arrived at a great Ohio State Park but do not care for the huge amount of mosquitoes who seem to think we are a free lunch.

  2. beautiful blue jays!..good luck with the 'fight' at the feeders!..pesky squirrels!!

  3. We feel the same about our Blue Jays too. However, I have wondered many times in the past if the Jays are in cahoots with the Squirrels and the ground feeding birds. Seems like the critters feeding from ground level do benefit those messier birds up at the top. Of course, if we are gone for awhile, then we have a nice crop of Sunflowers growing around the feeder too.


  4. Great photos of the Blue Jays and squirrels. Must be pretty entertaining to sit and watch the bird wars going on.

  5. They are gorgeous birds, just too bad they are so obnoxious.

  6. We sometimes put peanuts in the shell on our deck railing..They swoop down, pick one up, and go hide it in the we don't see them..HA!

  7. Beautiful bird pictures. I know the Blue Jays are bullies, but I love watching them. We have crows, and cow birds coming to our feeder. Stay safe.

  8. Very entertaining! I enjoyed your photos. I hope everyone visits the Dray's blog.

  9. Good blog--I enjoyed your pictures of the blue jays and squirrel. Thanks for including the information about the Dray's tragic fire.

  10. I have lots of blue jays in the area also, but they have decided not to visit my feeders. Guess I don't have the grand selection of feed like you do. :)

  11. Great pictures of blue jays and squirrils. We are enjoying watching the hummingbird wars at our feeder.

  12. That looks like quite a bird feeding operation you have there. We love watching them also.


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