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Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Forward


As most of you know, we made a huge decision a few months ago to go from full-time to part-time Rv’ers.  This was in part due to some personal family responsibilities coupled with higher cost of living and some unexpected health issues.  We love our little “cottage” style house and it is just perfect for us.  I think we will truly enjoy having a base where we can come back to for our doctors, family and church. 


With that said, we never intend to “come off the road” entirely.  We love rving, the many many wonderful people we have met in this lifestyle and those we still intend to meet “down the road.”  We still intend to see as much of this wonderful country as we can.  So with all this in mind we have started doing a little bit of research on what our next rig should be.  We feel like we may be several months to a year or more away from the actual purchase but you never know.



We both feel at this time that we want to stay in the motor home family.  We have owned  pop-ups and travel trailers in our early camping years, but mainly we are only familiar with motor homes.  What we don’t want are the big 40 foot diesel pushers like we have owned in the past.  Since we won’t be living in the rig 24/7 we won’t need the storage that these units provide.  We loved our DPs and the power/ space they provided but we feel that won’t be necessary this time around.  So our initial research is going to be in the C or possibly B family.  There are several models out there that provide excellent gas mileage and ample space.  A few that we are interested in include the Roadtrek and Pleasure Way in the B family and the Born Free, Navion/View, and possible Lazy Daze in the C family.  We have some good friends, Gene & Judi Curp that have a Four Winds class C and it is very nice too. There are probably other units out there as nice, but this is where we are now. We want to keep our future rig in a shorter length because we want to be able to park in various places such as state and national parks and those quaint little out of the way lakeside spots.  Many of these makes offer models that get better than average fuel mileage.  So we begin our search along with some research and hopefully when the time is right….the right rig will be there for us.



Mike Update:

   Mike returns to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully we will find out why his potassium continues to go up to the dangerous level.  After last weekend, we realize how scary this can be.  We are both hoping this can be something easily fixed.  It has been a long year working on getting his health straightened out.  The good news is…. his blood sugar was in the normal range so we “think” we have this problem taken care of!!  We so appreciate all the good wishes and prayers our blog friends as well as face book friends have sent our way.  We value each and every one of you.  We have some new followers and we want to welcome you to our always evolving journey in this great lifestyle.  We hope you will find something useful or at least humorous along the way. 



  1. glad to hear that Mike is on the way back to good health..hopefully they will be able to solve the potassium issues soon!..
    great of you to share your thoughts on the Rving part of your lives...your 'new dream rig' is out there waiting for you when the time is right!!..we all have dreams we just have to wait our turn!

  2. I'm probably the last person to be offering advice since I've never spent the night in my View, so I'll just tell you that I'm so comfortable with its size. My slideout begins behind the drivers seat and goes to the back. Wow, does that open things up. I don't have a booth because I don't like them and I want more floor space. Maybe I'll change my mind after my first trip next week.

  3. Great photos on your blog today...I enjoyed them all.

    When we were researching motorhomes, we looked mainly at safety and drivability. We are part-timers too so didn't need a really big rig. Just do lots of research and you'll find the one that's right for you. Be sure and look at safety records. Good luck and hope you are able to get back out on the road before too long. Will keep you in my prayers and hope that some answers are found for the health problems.

  4. I would like to talk Craig into a modest size RV. Maybe this fall.

  5. Hope Mike gets a good report at the Doctors, Sometimes it takes a while to get the numbers right. Hope you guys get a rig soon and get out a little. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. I understand your wish to downsize to a Class C or B. Having had both years ago I know how nice it is to fit into smaller spaces. Easier to maintain as well & of course there is the better gas mileage factor. We've had both a travel trailer & a 5th wheel but we would never go back to trailer towing. I could see a small Class C in our future as well. Nice photos by the way:))

  7. Ellie and I enjoy keeping up with you and Mike no matter where you are. We will be watching to see what class of motorhome you decide upon. From our point of view, we keep looking at the newer class “B” family, we see lots and lots of them on the road and we think they are about perfect for what we call the “to and from” expeditions. Outstanding pictures too, especially enjoyed the “horses”, just beautiful!


  8. Hope Mike get's all his doctor stuff out of the way so you guys can get back to a little traveling.

  9. I'm glad to hear things are looking better for Mike. I hope the potassium issue can be resolved quickly.

    It's much easier to look for rv's now with the internet. We've been rv shopping for a good 6 months online and have "looked" at a lot of motorhomes!

    Good luck finding the right rig.

  10. Hope Mike gets all of his health problems solved. If we had it to do over again, we would get a C. Our 5th wheel is so long that we don't feel comfortable going in to most State or National parks with it. Hope you can get back out and travel soon. Good luck on your hunt... :)

  11. The important thing is that you continue to move forward. You'll find the right rig when the time is right. :)

  12. Here's hoping the health problems are resolved soon so you can get busy on the search for the perfect small motorhome. A lot of the smaller units have lots of room especially for part timing.

  13. Good luck with the doctor's visit. When we go back in a house, we a re thinking of getting something like a "View" to travel in once in awhile. Not sure we could face going back into hotels.

  14. I am so excited to read that you are thinking ahead to getting back on the road, even if it is parttime. YIPPEE!


  15. I've been "out of the loop" for so long I didn't realize the changes that you'd recently made. I do hope and pray that you'll get some solid answers regarding Mike's health issues. When the time is right the perfect rig will be available for you.
    Blessings, Kathy

  16. Sounds like a great plan... If we were not full timing we would go smaller too. Hope all is good with Mike... keep us posted!
    Have fun


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