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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bumps in the Road


Life sometimes sends us bumps in the road.  This past year we have experienced several.  Mike knew something was just not right about a year ago and so we visited the doctor.  You must know that Mike is a typical man….he just doesn’t like going to the doctor at all.  This is when they discovered he was predisposed for diabetes.  We tackled this issue and I am proud to say, at this time, his blood sugar is normal and he is no longer on any medication.  He began to have potassium issues last December and this continues on….. having his last encounter with high potassium in the last two weeks.  It was at this time he began to have some heart palpitations that needed to be explored.  So far all we know is he has mitral valve regurgitation which, if mild, the doctors just “watch” but it can become more severe and even need surgery.  We believe Mike’s condition is mild at this time….praise the Lord! 



It was also during this time that his PSA count was all over the board.  We visited a different Urologist today to get a second opinion and the results….Mike will have a biopsy on his prostate on Thursday.  Please keep this in your prayers!   We are both optimistic that everything will come out fine.  We’ll keep you updated. He is ready to not see any more doctors for a long time!


It is hard to believe June is about over and we are headed toward July!  The weather certainly has been hot and dry here.  We continue to watch and pray for those in the mist of wildfires throughout the country.  We have enjoyed traveling along with many of you this summer via your blogs.  We sure do miss being out there traveling, exploring and making memories but we know this is only a short detour….a bump in the road.


We have managed to take a few short trips in between appointments and have enjoyed just getting away.  I suppose “hitch itch” never goes away even though you are temporarily without a hitch!!   We still remain excited about purchasing a smaller rig and getting back out on the road again!!


A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn. ~Author Unknown

We have a few new followers and want to extend a big welcome!  Thank you for stopping by and being a part of this wonderful “blog” community!  We haven’t been very mobile lately but many of our “friends” are…. so check out their blogs as well. 



  1. Mike will be in my prayers on Thursday.

  2. We know about them bumps will keep Mike in our prayers. Glad to hear his diabetes is under control without meds is even better.

  3. and here is to the 'bends' in the road!..we too, are experience some 'curves' that we have not control over at the moment...frustration is setting in...we hope that Mike's biopsy comes back with good results...take care of each other..sending you good thoughts!!

  4. Life does bring bumps and prayers are definitely being offered for Mike's biopsy results.

  5. I hope all of your recent bumps smooth out quickly! You both are in my thoughts...

  6. My prayers are with you & Mike at this time... We all have bumps in the road and have to correct them. Then we continue down the road!

  7. Excellent quote! This may be your time of getting all Mike's health issues taken care of. When you are able to travel again, you will be even more grateful to God for His healing works. In the meantime, it's obvious that you made the right choice with your purchase of a new home. We don't always know what's going to come along on the road, but as you say, just keep on making those turns!

  8. I feel like I've been about to hit a wall many times this yar, but always survived.

  9. I hope you get good news from the biopsy on Thursday!

    That is a beautiful purple Clematis on your lamppost, I sure hope ours turns out as nice.

  10. Your pictures are just gorgeous!!

    We will be praying for good testing on Thursday.

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  11. I will be praying for a positive outcome for Mike's upcoming test!!

  12. I can sure identify with Mike & his aversion to Doctors & all that medical stuff. I had a couple of those 'higher than normal' PSA tests last summer as well. This aging stuff is not all cracked up to what it's supposed to be. I particularly liked your Butterfly photo. All the best to you guys.....

  13. Glad to hear the bumps are subsiding. Prayers said here for both of you and that Mike has a good report from his biopsy. I really love your last photo, beautiful color!


  14. WE send our prayers and the hope all will be well in Mikes tests. Good that he got the PSA test when he did, Sam's doctor does complete bloodwork, including the PSA every three months.If something turns up to be found, it's best to be found early, not like Sam's younger brothers colon cancer that killed him, his doctor told him if he had had a colonoscony when he was 50 they would have been able to save him, he was 56 when he died.Make sure Mike has one of those too.

  15. Our prayers are with you both.

    Love all your pictures today..

  16. I hope everything works out for the best,and that you can take that that turn in the road.

  17. I sure hope that your biopsy turns out fine. I will tell you that checking this out promptly is the way to go. My biopsy did not go the way I wanted, but the good news is that with the correct procedure the results are usually good.

    I had my prostrate removed nine years ago and my annual checkups continue to be good.

  18. Keeping you and Mike in our thoughts....and sending good Karma your way....Keep the RV dream..It will happen!!

  19. Our prayers and thoughts are with you both! We pray whatever the results are, that you both will handle them and that the bumps go away for a long time so that you can get back out here and enjoy the life you both deserve!

  20. Prayers going up for Mike and for you too.

    Really looking forward to the time when you can scratch that itch!

    Still need to log in to your blog as anonymous.


  21. Hope you are able to get that road paved over soon so that you will have some smooth ones to travel on. Keep a positive adititude and hope things go well. Your pictures are beautiful by the way.

    Kevin and Ruth

  22. We will be praying for you and Mike and hoping for the best possible outcome on Thursday.

    Your pictures were stunning, especially the butterfly.


  23. Sorry to read about the 'bumps in the road' and that you will both have 'smooth roads ahead' in your future. Thoughts and prayers sent your way.

  24. Hope the biopsy was ok. We are experencing a set back this summer also. Paul is having prostate surgery Sept. 1. Seem to have to comment as anonimous, but feel free to contact us if you would like. Our Second Childhood


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