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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Day of Exploring

Yes, it was another rather chilly day at Rainbow Plantation. We have been having to disconnect our water hose every evening and making sure the furnace runs throughout the basement in order to keep those plumbing elements from freezing. We are hopeful that this cold snap will pass through in a few days and things will get back to normal temperatures in this area. It is all relevant because there are places that are just struggling with the low temps and snow. We are content to just take what we have and be thankful.

It is hard to get out and do much but Mike and I wanted to do a little exploring. We have already driven around Fairhope and so Wednesday we decided to explore Gulf Shores. We drove through Foley toward Gulf Shores. It is a straight shot to the gulf. We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and collected ideas of things to do in this area. We then drove on and found a nice parking area near the beach so we stopped and got out and walked a little on the beach. The water was just beautiful and so clear. So clear in fact Mike actually got excited and took a picture of water….yes, you heard that right, a picture of water. Whatever excites him! We drove around spotting a few places we want to return to on a warmer day. One being the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge and further down the way Fort Morgan. We also want to explore the birding trails in the area.

After leaving the Gulf Shores area we stopped by the Tanger Outlet mall. This is a huge shopping area and we managed to get by with only a small purchase of two large soup bowls to go with my dishes. It “pays” to have limited space! Almost across the street is a Wal-Mart so we stopped to pick up a few groceries, stopped to enjoy a coke together and then made our way back to the Plantation.

We didn’t do very much but it was a really good day. Thursday we have been invited to Gene and Judi’s rig along with Norm and Linda Payne and Don and Gloria Martin and do what full-timers do best….socialize. We look forward to getting to know these good folks better. Thanks Gene and Judi for the invitation.

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